Saturday, May 14, 2011

Big Rehearsal

The youth choir sings next Sunday, May 22. Tomorrow they are rehearsing in the sanctuary, but unfortunately we won't be there to see it. Chuck and I will be at a baby shower for the daughter of some close friends of ours.

I was hoping to be at the rehearsal because Beth is afraid of heights. Even sitting up in the stands at the Special Olympics tournament a couple weeks ago proved to be too much. After about a half hour I noticed her leaning back on one elbow with her head behind my back. I kept asking her if everything was okay and she'd asnswer yes. It finally dawned on me and I asked her if she wanted to go down to the track and she said yes. We spent the rest of the day down there.

So tomorrow she'll need to be up 2 to 4 steps to get to her spot. I don't know what would be better, having her on the second step with no one in front of her, or being higher with someone in front. Hopfully I'll get a chance to talk to her choir director before we leave!

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