Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost Turned Around and Came Home!

Diana has spent the last 10 days traveling in Paris and England. She's been planning this since last year and has been so excited about it! She's been to London once before, plus Australia. Did I mention she goes by herself? Doesn't meet anyone there, doesn't travel with a group. Completely alone. As you can imagine, I don't sleep well while she's gone. We wait anxiously for texts and emails and try not to panic when we don't hear from her. :)

The last two trips were fun and basically stress free. This one, not so much. Let me just give you lighlights, then I'll add some pictures.

  • Flew out of Seatac Airport, 4 hour layover in Philadelphia
  • After 3 1/2 hours, told there was mechanical problems. More waiting
  • Once in the air, passenger had medical emergency
  • Landed on tarmac, took a bus to the terminal
  • Security in Germany, taken aside and questioned about curling iron
  • Taken to a separate room, had to demonstrate use of curling iron
  • Doesn't speak German
  • Loses drivers license in airport.
  • Arrive in Paris late, hotel says sorry, now they are full
  • Found different hotel. Missed Cannes Film Festival
  • Phone stops receiving texts. No internet service
  • Disneyland Paris - hit head on restraint on Space Mountain
  • Spends rest of day with ringing in ears, not able to hear
  • Finally arrive in London. Loves hotel and city!
  • Volcano erupts
  • Flight delayed. For hours.
  • Lands in North Carolina
  • Has one hour to get through customs and catch connecting flight 
  • Gets to counter. Told she is booked for following day
  • Almost bursts into tears
  • Attendant gets her on plane.... and upgrades her to first class!
And now for the pictures!

Her hotel room in Paris.

Her view.

Disneyland Paris
You enter the park through the Disneyland Hotel

She said the park seemed to be geared toward the architecture and restaurants, more than the rides.

It's a Small World
Their image of the good 'ol USA

Notre Dame

Buckingham Palace
She was in London at the same time as President Obama

And what is a trip to London without a picture of Big Ben!
She said it was 9:00 and the clock was chiming!

What an adventure! SO glad she's home!


Kristin said...

If I was single I would probably be doing the same thing! Looks wonderful (despite the headaches). I used to pack up and move to new states all by myself. My parents thought I was crazy. And I probably was!
Nice job with the choir Beth!!

JC said...

What an opportunity!! I would LOVE to see all those places! And I hope my kids travel, lol, but I know I will worry the ENTIRE time they are gone!! I hear ya!