Friday, March 11, 2011

You Will Dream New Dreams

Wednesday was a great day. I grabbed my fuzzy blanket, my chocolate bar, climbed up into the chair and watched.... okay, I'm not afraid to admit it.... Bambi. One of my all time favorite movies. I guess it's out of the vault and I see commercials for it so I've been wanting to watch it again. I cried when Bambi's mom got shot. Gets me every time. But I also laughed at Thumper. When Bambi calls the skunk Flower and Thumper is rolling on the ground he's laughing so hard. My favorite part! Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Have you read this book?

It's really good. It's a bunch of short stories (63) from parents of children with special needs. It was written 10 years ago so some of the language may not be current, but it's still good. Some of the titles:

How To Be My Daughters Friend
Beyond the Diagnosis
What To Say
Getting to Know My Son
A Change of Plans
Different Dreams
You Are Not Alone

I read this years ago and it encouraged me so much. Reading about what others were going through showed me I wasn't alone. Everything I was feeling, experiencing, learning was absolutely normal and I was going to be okay. Some days I can feel so isolated on this journey but this book opened my eyes to so many other parents, siblings and friends that are walking this same path. You Will Dream New Dreams. Not just a great book. It's a true statement. A promise.

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