Monday, March 21, 2011

New Kid on the Block

I had a meeting on Saturday so Chuck and Sharaya took Beth to Athletics. They said that Beth was the newest one to join because the coach introduced her to everyone! Sharaya brought her camera and took lots of pcitures for me! Well, and for you too when you think about it! :)

Everyone gathered for instructions.

Stretching. We need to work on technique.
Plus her clothes weren't appropriate. I had seen some sweat pants at the store and had the girls pick some up when they took Beth shopping. Unfortunately the store was out of them so they got some that looked the same. We'll need to find something different before next Saturday.

The 100 yard dash.

Getting her instructions for the softball throw.

You can see the ball between the trees just above her hand.

Papa's pen!!

Allison running like Aunt Bethy!

On the 500 meter walk.

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