Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Shopping For Fun"

Beth asked me yesterday, "What are we doin' tomowow?"

"I don't know, why?"

"I wanna go shoppeen. For fun."

So we spent today shopping. For fun.

We found fun at the music store. Listenin' to some tunes.

We found some fun at Auntie Annes.
Raisin pretzels! Yum!

And of course we found fun at The Disney Store!

It's always a good day when you shop for fun!


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

glad you were able to spend the day "shoppin' for fun!" :) i love auntie anne's pretzels!!!

Becca said...

Ooh, I can't wait until Sammi tells me she wants to go shopping for fun. Right now she acts like I'm torturing her, so I just decide not to shop with her at all. Looking forward those girl's days. :-)

Michelle said...

Now that is a fun day of shopping! Great idea Beth!