Monday, May 17, 2010

In the Dog House

I rearranged Beth's room today.

It was not welcomed with open arms.
Or even a smile.

Her room is small and she has a lot of furniture.
Double bed, two bookcases, large dresser and a desk.
The desk is very close to the side of her bed.
She likes it that way because it was close to her TV.

Well now the TV is on one side of the room.
Her desk - where she sits to watch TV - is on the other side of the room.
There is a lot more open space.
She can get in and out of her bed easily.

But she is not a happy camper.
I've told her it doesn't have to stay like this.
We can change it back if she doesn't like it.
But I want her to try it for a couple of weeks.

At one point she had moved her chair to the middle of the room; was sitting or sort of half laying in it, arms folded; head back, tears streaming down her cheeks.
I know change is hard for her.
For anyone really, but especially for those with Down Syndrome.
I've been talking to her about this for months now.
Doesn't matter.
She is not happy.

I peeked in on her a few minutes ago.
She has moved her desk chair away from the desk and is just a couple of feet from the TV.

She's watching Les Miserables.
And singing at the top of her lungs.
That's got to be a good sign, right?

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My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. I can so relate. Yes, I would take the singing as a good sign. At least for now:)