Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ahoy Mateys

I went shopping tonight. Needed to pick up a few wedding and baby gifts for upcoming showers. As I pulled out of the driveway, I realized I was alone.

Completely.... alone.

I haven't been shopping alone in a very long time!

I decided to stop at Target first. Made sure I had all the registry papers with me, grabbed a cart and headed on my way.

I noticed immediately that my cart had a wobbly wheel.
(You know the kind, I don't even have to describe it!)

I decided I would just go slow and not let it bother me. Past the picture frames, the clothes, into the kitchen area....

Aarrggg! It was driving me crazy!

All the way back to the front of the store -
'Squeak, wobble, squeak, wobble'

Get a new, quieter cart and head toward the baby section. So many cute clothes! And socks! Allie could use some new socks. Put those in the cart and reach for the registry papers....

and realized I left them in Mr. Wobbles.

Back to the front.

There sat Mr. Wobbles, right where I left him.
Grab my papers and head out a third time. Sigh.

Now I know this is NOTHING
compared with what some of you are going through.
I thought about you as I headed out with Miss Whispers.

I thought about the things you were dealing with.
The new diagnosis.
The latest medication.
Tomorrows doctors appointment.

I've been praying for you.
And crying with you.

I couldn't believe I let Mr. Wobbles decide my mood.


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Becca said...

Too funny! But ahhhh, shopping alone. What a luxury!! :-)