Saturday, June 8, 2024

A Little Quiet Around Here

Things have been quiet the last few weeks, AND I'M LOVING IT! For more than five years life has been over-the-top crazy and it's nice to have some boring days for a change.
I recently shared a photo of a print the girls got me for Mother's Day, and I finally got it hung today. Went to Michael's and Hobby Lobby for flowers to go with it but couldn't find the exact ones. I'll keep looking and will probably get a smaller vase and smaller flowers too. I just love it though.

I video chatted with Diana and Adelaide again this morning. Adelaide woke up with a fever so was feeling extra snuggly. She kept saying, "Hug, hug" while she squeezed Diana's neck. When Beth came upstairs Adelaide was so excited to see her and even started saying her name, "Hi Beth! Hi Beth!"

I bought a mini fridge for our quad at work. Well, actually I used my church card, but I went to the store. :)  There are 4 of us now (sometimes the desks are empty) and our fridge is leaking and has a musty odor. So I bought a bigger one - without a freezer. It'll be delivered on Monday, we can't wait!
My rhododendrons have a lot of blooms this year. I love looking out the front window and seeing them with the trees...

Not much else to share. Take care. 'Til next time -


Billie Jo said...

Yay for quiet and calm!!! I am so happy you are cozy and content with your family, both near and far. Your flower bushes are beautiful. They bring back memories of my childhood, as my mom had some on our porch. : )

Terri D said...

Quiet and calm is always good. Hoping Adelaide is feeling better now and how fun that she recognized Beth!! Wishing you a blessed week ahead!!