Sunday, January 10, 2021

What's Been Happening

 Beth has hoarding tendencies. I've tried to go downstairs and help her clean out her closet or clean up her dresser but usually she doesn't want me to mess with her stuff. Can't say I blame her. I wouldn't have been too happy if my mom came to my house and began cleaning or organizing things they way she thought they should be. 

But there comes a time when I step in and tell Beth it needs to be done. 

I got the idea recently to buy her some decorative bins to put her stuff in. She wouldn't necessarily have to go through it right then but the bins would make her bookcase look better. We went to Target and bought the bins she wanted (not the ones I would have chosen) then went downstairs to get started.

She was NOT happy that I was helping and it showed. After a few minutes I told her, "Okay. I'll go upstairs and you can do this."

The next day I went down to check and she did a pretty good job! Again, not exactly how I would've done it but I have to find that fine line of treating her like an adult vs. treating her like a child. She was willing to make the change and do it by herself, so, I'm proud of her.



She hasn't been hearing well lately and I finally made an appointment with the doctor. Thankfully it was just wax buildup, whew! We stopped at the bathroom on our way out and when she was... going, she pointed down to the toilet and yelled, "I hear that!" After we got home she came upstairs with her iPod and said, "I hear it now, in my headphones!" I'm so glad it was only a wax problem!

I was watching TV the other night when something didn't look right about it. I kept checking my glasses thinking they were smudged but that wasn't it. I just couldn't figure it out. Then the next night it seemed the top half of the screen was darker than the bottom, it was really weird. The next day it was even worse! The top half of the TV was going dark. Just all of the sudden. We've only had it about 2 years but of course the warranty ended 4 months ago. So we bought a new one. Same size but this one has Ultra HD. I'd never heard of it but oh my goodness it's like watching a live play on stage. The colors are SO vivid, the images are super clear like 3D, it's just amazing!

Here we've taken the stand off the old TV and put it on the new one.

 Well that's what's been happening at our house this week.  

Have you ever had hearing problems? 

Have you seen the new Ultra HD TV's?


Terri D said...

My hubby has hearing aids and still can't hear very well. It gets worse when the was builds up so he recognizes it most of the time and puts the drops in to take care of it himself. It looks like Beth did a good job of organizing her bookshelf. Good for her! Wishing you a blessed week ahead! said...

Thankful Beth's hearing issue was something minor and easily fixed. My mother-in-law was in a terrible wreck a year ago and has had trouble hearing since. She got a concussion in the accident and now her ears get infected repeatedly. Causes her a lot of hearing issues, too.

I think Beth did well neaten her shelves with her little bins. I used baskets with my daughters. They had to pick up their belongings before bed and put them in their baskets and take the baskets to their rooms. During the day, if I came across something the belonging to one daughter or the other, I would set it in their basket. Shoes, backpack, toys, books. It kept our house neater and helped me stay sane.

Yay for a new TV with a fabulous picture. Enjoy!!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow! Beth did a great job! I am sure she enjoyed being able to organize her things by herself and that you were very proud of her results! So glad her hearing problem was just wax. I think I am overdo for that as well. I've noticed that hubby and I both are starting to say "What?" a lot more often to each other... Happy you were able to replace your old TV. Nothing is made to last anymore, that is for sure, and with electronics it's just as well because they keep improving them all the time, and in some cases they have actually gotten less expensive. Have a wonderful week! Praying for your hubby.

Cathy said...

So glad Beth's hearing is fixed and was nothing serious. We've got a line going down out TV Screen so we're needing to get a new one too. I think hubby's wanting and HD one also. Glad you hear you like it so hopefully we will too.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like she did a nice job. So glad it was earwax and she can hear. New TV's can be so awesome. Enjoy! My husband has hearing problems. We have TCL TV's.

ellen b. said...

My left ear has a plug of wax in it that I can't get to dislodge and come out or at least that's what I think. I might need to have the doctor do it for me. OYE! My hearing isn't affected as bad as Beth's though. Your new TV sounds nice! Things definitely look more organized on the bookshelf!

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I'm so glad that Beth's hearing was alright. those things can be scary.

Our "things" are precious to us aren't they, I'm so glad she was able to get them organized...and she did a great job! Way to go, Beth!

I have never heard of an Ultra HD TV. Our TV's are all old enough that they aren't even considered "smart". I know the day is coming when we will need to's good to know there's something wonderful just waiting for us!

Hugs and Love,

Jeanie said...

She did do a good job! I can relate to paper and crafty hoarding tendencies. Maybe I need Beth to help me!

I hope her ears don't need the same "ear-igation" I've been getting since November for impacted wax. No fun!

Rebecca Jo said...

Ricky loves the ultra HD screens too... they freak me out a bit - dont know why. I guess I'm used to 80's grainy TV :)
Beth did pretty good on her shelf - it looks better than mine - that's for sure.
Glad it was just wax. I need to get my ears checks - with all the infections I have & I hear ringing constantly - its driving me a little crazy

Beckey said...

Ha! I heard my voice when I read "not what I would have chosen" and "not how I would have done it". I am always having to remind myself that my way doesn't have to be their way. 🙄 My husband kept wanting a 4k tv and I didn't think it would make that much of a difference until we got one and... oh WOW!!

Junior said...

Great job Beth on your room, always nice to get things organized. So happy you got that wax out and now can hear better. Love your blog.