Monday, June 15, 2020

He Tried To Get Breakfast To Go

Chuck went back to work last Thursday. He went from not working at all for 2 months, straight into 13 hour days! Two good things though: 1. he's got the stamina to do it and 2. he's racked up enough overtime this week alone to be able to take a short, last minute vacation the first part of August!
Taken in 2019  

I officially started back to work last Thursday as well but today the entire staff was there. We had a staff meeting to talk about what things were going to look like the next few weeks and we were sitting so far apart from each other our pastor had to use a microphone! The new normal for 2020.

I looked out the window the other day and saw something laying in the driveway.

Diana used to have a Westie and that's kind of what it reminded me of but when I got closer I could see it was a bird, it looked like a seagull. It was big so I called the Department of Fish and Wildlife but it was the weekend so I was only able to leave a message. 

Then yesterday morning I'm sitting at the table and I hear a huge flock of crows just making the loudest noise, there must have been a dozen or more and I jumped up thinking they were all fighting over the bird.

Instead I saw this:

A bald eagle had picked it up and was trying to fly away with it! The crows all attacked the eagle so it dropped the bird and flew directly toward my window!  

We've lived in this house more than 19 years and this is only the 2nd time I've seen an eagle this close! I kept watching to see if it would come back but it never did. At least not then. When I got up this morning the bird was gone!

We had our first official church service this weekend. We could have 50 in the Sanctuary and 100 outside so the custodians and I worked on Friday to prep everything and get it all ready to take outside on Sunday morning. We had racks of folding chairs and masks and disinfecting wipes and kleenex and trash cans... there was a long list of things we had to comply with. But we did it and it was so good to be back together. Although I use the word 'together' somewhat loosely.

I can't wait for the day when we're ALL in the Sanctuary!

So what are you looking forward to the most once this social distancing ends?
Have you ever seen wildlife up close?


Susan said...

I take it you work for your church? I like the slot idea for offering. I loved going to church but I don't think we will go every week. I want other people to be able to go too. I like how you set up chairs outside too. I added you to my reads list. We once had a bear brush against our tent and you could smell it. We took a boatride from Seattle to the San Juan Island and we saw lots of animals! We say several eagles on trees above us in Juneau Alaska. I swam with big turtles in Hawaii. Thanks for jogging my memory!

Stacy said...

So glad you got pictures of the eagle! Many years ago our daughter, who was still in grade school, came back from the mailbox and said there was a "really big" bird sitting by it. We kind of poo-pooed it until we saw the neighbors standing out there. When we went to look, there was indeed a really big bird with a rabbit in its talons sitting there. At the time, eagles were just beginning to be reintroduced to the area so no one thought of that. Now I know it was an immature bald eagle who still had his mottled coloring. I've kicked myself a thousand times for not taking any pictures.

Billie Jo said...

That is amazing!
And like you, I am looking forward to going back to mass and praying together. So glad your hubby is back to work. Still praying for him!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm glad work is going well for your and Chuck. Stay safe. Wow, I can't believe you had an Eagle!!!

ellen b. said...

Well that's amazing to see an eagle in your driveway in the city! Cool. Glad things are going well with your both back at work.

Jeanie said...

It feels like you are trying to get things back into normal. Please be very careful with opening up. In so many spots it's not going well. Glad Chuck is back at the wheel! said...

Oh my gravy!! Those photos of the eagle...the beautiful eagle...retrieving a meal in the dead seagull are amazing. I want to share with my 4 year old granddaughter. I mentioned seagulls the other day and she corrected me and said "EAGLES". I explained the seagulls are other types of birds. But she just kept correcting what she deemed as my mispronunciation of EAGLES.

Now I can show her the 2 birds, their differences, in one place. Thank you.

And thank you for stopping by my blog...I think you found me when I linked up for Thankful Thursday with Rebecca Jo. So glad you left a comment so I could find you!!

Come do a summer bucket list with me. We will reveal our lists this Saturday, 06.21 and the lists can be as simple or in-depth as you like. Some of the gals prefer to call them 'activity lists' or fun lists. But whatever we call them, they really help to keep me active, busy, enjoying the best things about each season. If you are interested in joining, you can email me for the link up code at


Terri D said...

Thanks for visiting my Sunday post today! I enjoyed learning about your beautiful family and reading your Thankful Thursday post! Our church opened last week and we had just under 80 people inside last Sunday and today! It is great worshiping together again. We can do over 100 and remain safe inside so we are able to be together inside. They are still live-streaming on Facebook too, for those who aren't comfortable gathering. Have a good and safe week ahead!