Monday, May 20, 2019

Alligator Eyeballs

We were trying to figure out where to go for Mother's Day and Sharaya suggested Uncle Bucks Fish Bowl and Grill. It was amazing!! 

As you walk in, there's a restaurant on the left and a bowling alley on the right. 

But it's not just any bowling alley. It's underwater themed and so much fun!

Some of the bowling balls were even painted to match the theme ~

We stuck with the plain bowling balls though. I know I couldn't bring myself to hold that ball! 😳

When all was said and done, Beth won. Being on that bowling league has really helped her!

If you get a chance to go to Uncle Buck's please do! We really had a great time!


ellen b. said...

What a great venue! I'll have to google and see where it is.

Saimi said...

Oh my goodness what a super fun bowling ally. I would love to bowl there and most likely use one of those cool balls! Glad your family had a great time and congratulations to Beth, What a bowler she is!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm so impressed. I've been bowling for 30 years now and that alley is awesome! Hope you enjoyed your day. Love the photos.

Haber Gog said...

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