Friday, August 26, 2016

No Cancer

Beth had her follow up appointment at Harborview this week and everything is fine. No cancer. She had just a little pain for a couple days but then it was gone. The stitches came out just a few days later and it was so clean I couldn't even tell where they had done the surgery. 

A few days ago she went to the dentist (a different location from the oral surgeon) and had two fillings so she was on soft foods for 24 hours. Again, no pain and all was back to normal in no time.

On Wednesday we had our annual staff picnic at Marina Beach. The weather was beautiful and it's always fun to hang out with co-workers and not talk about work! :)

I don't have permission to post pics of everyone, so the sail boats will have to do!

Beth came with us and of course texted Nick most of the afternoon and even sent him pictures. Via text! No one showed her how to do it, she just figured it out on her own. That girl amazes me sometimes.

I've been trying to do things that I love but don't do on a regular basis. Like swimming. Today I went - by myself I might add - to a local pool and swam laps for about a half hour. I was so nervous going somewhere I've never been but I did it. And I had such a great time being in the water!

(Thanks Google)

I've also been spending time down at the beach. There have been some beautiful sunsets this summer!


diana said...

Hey! I taught her how to send pictures while I was home so that she'd send them to me! What a turd.

bj said...

Ahhh, so thankful no cancer...great news..
love the sailboats...and glad to know you are doing something for YOU...we all need some ME TIME and the pool is a great place to be.

Billie Jo said...

Amen! So glad for the happy results!!!!
Have a cozy evening. : )

Caz said...

Love the boat pictures, and the results news, and Beth embracing technology x

Michelle said...

Thank the Lord for positive results...I may try to find a place to swim when it gets cold here...I doubt bike riding will be much fun in winter...LOL