Friday, March 18, 2016

"Oh Honey Buns!"

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. We've all been sick around here. I watched Allie a week or so ago when she was sick and even though I sprayed door knobs and couches, Chuck and I still got it. I guess it's really going around. For me it's been a toss between allergies and the flu. More allergies than flu but it's still no fun. Allie is much better but Chuck and I are still fighting it. Sharaya hasn't come down with it, thank goodness. And Beth has managed to avoid it too!

Beth and I were at the store the other day and she found a new nickname for Nick:

His family has been on vacation so I don't know if she's had a chance to call him that. We sure had a good laugh over it, but we don't know how much Nick will like it! 

We got to have dinner with some on-line friends last weekend. Stephanie from The Sumulong 3 and Leah from Our Cora Bean and our families all met at the Cutters Crab House in Seattle. It usually takes out of towners to introduce you to places you've never been before. :) We had a great time and it was so fun to meet these young moms and their kids. We loved watching Owen and Cora navigate through dinner (it brought back so many memories of when our kids were small!) and Cora's little sister, what a personality! She was a doll!

Outside we took a picture of the moms with their Ds kiddos. To be honest, I don't have any friends who have children with Down Syndrome. Not ones that I get together with on a regular basis, so it was fun to meet these two! Thank you for inviting us!


Unknown said...

We had so much fun! My husband keeps saying how pleasantly surprised he was that it went so well. It's hard to tell sometimes when you bring together people who have never met. I thought it was a great time. Also, I love Beth's nickname for Nick!! The look on her face when she told Leah and I about her boyfriend.....I don't think I've ever looked that happy and excited.

Leah said...

How cool to meet you in person and then get to see all about your family online! I'm so excited to read more about you all, especially thr beautiful Beth.