Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Viewy Stuey

Allie was watching Doc McStuffins last weekend and they had a character on named Viewy Stuey. 'He' was a viewfinder. Remember those?

I went downstairs and pulled down a small plastic bucket from the closet shelf. I brought it up and showed it to Allie, "WE have a Viewy Stuey!" I wish I had caught the look on her face! Her eyes got wide and her mouth popped open. Absolute amazement!!

She spent the next 20 minutes or so clicking through the various discs. I showed her how the pictures look better when you look toward a door or window so she kept going to the sliding door to view them. SO fun to share a classic toy with the next generation!

Chuck loves his new job driving a city bus. He's even been interviewed by a local radio station on what it's like to go through the Metro training classes. A couple weekends ago he asked if I wanted to check out his route so we took off in our car and he drove me through city streets showing me all the stops and turns. He also drives through the University of Washington. That is such a gorgeous campus! Then he told me about a bridge he drives over and he's always been curious about what's under it. A street? River? So we parked the car and found out. It's a park! It's pretty big, covering a couple city blocks. There's lots of trees and hiking trails. There was a big playground. But we were interested in the bridge. The bridge itself was beautiful but I never did get any pictures of it. We were able to go under it and in fact, a running trail goes under it. We ended up not following it to the other side, but it was sure peaceful to sit underneath.

Chuck and I are trying to spend more time together, going out and doing things and just being together. I do love that man. After more than 32 years, I'm still in love with him.

This is our attempt at a selfie! :)


Caz said...

Oh wow, we had one of them! I wish it was still around. I think we had a London Zoo disc. I remember the heavy click of the big button. Plus, lovely about you and Chuck and exploring new places. Vital!

Unknown said...

That is a perfect selfie. My sister in law drives a bus for Septa in the city. She likes it a lot. I worry about her because the bus is so big!