Friday, March 13, 2015

Animation at the Grocery Store Checkout

For those of you who know Beth, you know she's very shy. If you say hi to her, she puts her head down and barely says, "Hey". When her bus drivers drop her off, they walk her toward the porch and usually wave and yell, "Bye Beth!" as they had back to the bus. She'll continue to the door and without looking back, say, "bye" but it sounds more like a grunt than a friendly goodbye. She's quiet and reserved and introverted.

Unless we're at the grocery store.

Beth and I went the other night and she was a completely different person! She stopped in front of the granola bars, pointed to them and said, "I can't decide if I get some or not." So we looked at the different kinds they had and checked the prices and she finally decided to buy some.

In the produce section she reminded me that we needed bananas. I grabbed a couple of oranges and she quickly got a plastic bag for me. She talked to me about Chuck liking oranges and what kind of apples we would buy.

Then we got to the cashier and she told me I could go first. She helped me unload my groceries and she pointed out Chuck's favorite gum, told me she was low on batteries, asked me if she could get cash back... she was talking up a storm!

When I paid, the change dropped into the little change bowl and she yelled, I mean, really loud for Beth, "Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!" and then she laughed! I told her, "No way! This money is mine, chick!" And she laughed again.

The cashier said hi to her and she responded appropriately. Loud and clear. When her change dropped in, she reached for it and said, "Come to mama!" Seriously??! Who ARE you?!?

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