Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Falling Apart

I've been fairly healthy my whole life, but since I turned 50, I've been falling apart at the seams. In the last two years I've had pneumonia for the first time; I've had my first migraine, my first biopsy and today, my first MRI. My legs have ached deep inside for more than a year now and my doctor thinks I either have arthritis in my spine... or nerve damage. Getting old is a pain in the butt.

Now for the rest of the family -

Ryan is in detox again. I think this is his 3rd time. From talking to others that have been through this, being in detox numerous times is common. It's really taking a toll on his family and we're all praying that THIS is the key that sets him free from his drug use. Sharaya is under so much stress. Oh Lord we need a miracle.

Chuck and I took Allie to the park last week. She's growing and changing so fast. And she's saying things that surprise us. Her latest is "Shimmy Shakes." It makes me think of the movie Enchanted cause I hear it in Amy Adams voice. :)

Chuck and I also went to a high school football game last Friday. It was actually mild outside and the sunset was gorgeous! Of course, I forgot my camera. Our phones are so old and don't take good pictures. We don't even get the internet. In fact, when I pulled mine out to send a text, our friend M started laughing at us! The ironic part is, Chuck works for the phone company!! We had planned to get new phones last January but then my hours were cut at work... oh well, one of these days we'll upgrade.

Beth starts Special Olympics bowling this weekend. We're having to coordinate her DART bus between bowling and work. I'm not sure how it's gonna work this year, bowling starts at 2:30 and she has to be at work at 5:00. Her job is about 40 minutes north so she may only be able to bowl one game before her bus comes to take her to work. We'll try it this weekend and see how it goes.

There's so much going on. So much more I could write, but Allison will be waking up soon and I still have some housework to do.

I guess I was more nervous about the MRI this morning than I thought because I locked my keys in the car. For the first time. Sharaya and Diana came to my rescue.

To be honest, I'm probably gonna just go read for a while. :)


Unknown said...

I'm falling apart at 42 ;)
Prayers for Ryan & Sharaya!

Caz said...

It can be frightening when your body seems to start letting you down. I hope there are some answers and some advice that you can act on.
And rehab is just huge for whole families. So many issues about trust and how to move forward. Thinking of you.

ckbrylliant said...

Thinking of you and praying for you all.

Becca said...

I hope your results are good and come with an easy treatment! When I turned 40, so many things began to change, more aches and pains, etc. My husband also began to have issues at 40, and now that he turned 50 this year, who knows what will come!? :-( Thinking about you, Ryan and Sharaya. None of that can be easy.