Friday, April 5, 2013

She Said No

When our kids leave the school system (at age 21 here in WA) they start getting funds from the state and one thing those funds pay for is a vocational service. They provide Beth with a job coach who helps her look for a job, goes with her to the interview and supports her while she learns the job. Once she learns the job well enough to do it on her own, the coach just checks in occasionally.

Beth has been with Washington Vocational Services for seven years and they have recently moved into a new building. Last night they had a open house and Chuck, Beth and I went. (Diana was home sick with a 102 temp! She's better today and even back at work.) The new building is very nice and close to the street, where the other one was much older, tucked way back behind other businesses that it made it hard to get to and left little parking.

I actually remembered to take my camera and asked Beth if I could take her picture with some of the staff but she said no. :(

But she did let me take one as we were leaving. Okay! I'll take what I can get. :)

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Unknown said...

This brings up a question..are you happy with vocational services in your state? Our DVR seems to be going though some growing pains