Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Click and Drag

Last week Beth took the test to get her Food Handlers Card and she passed! I expected to see a video of a person in front of a classroom, teaching other students but this was nothing like that.

The videos were animated and the questions were all multiple choice. You'd watch the training part for a few minutes, then a section called 'Learn It' came on. It asked questions about what you'd just seen. A lot of it was click and drag (Beth loves that) then the voiceover would come on, "Correct! Good job!" Beth would pump her fist and say, "Yes!" :)

At the end of the training and Learn It sections, you took the test. There were 32 questions and those went pretty fast. It took us (Beth) about 90 minutes to finish the whole thing. Course, the first 25 minutes was just her filling out her name, address, birthdate, etc. I let her do that part and it took a while! You're allowed to miss 6 out of 32 questions. I tried to let her answer them by herself but we did talk through a few of them. She ended up missing 4. Not too bad!

Here she's filling out the contact info section.

Sorry these are so blurry.
This was about where to place foods in the fridge.

In the Learn It section, Beth got to click and drag the foods to the different shelves. The good part about this section was you could do it as much as you needed until you got it right. (You can see Beth's reflection in the bottom left of this picture. She's contemplating where to put the raw hamburger.)

When she was done, she said she wanted me to fill out the billing information. She got up and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d! The card cost $10 and is good for two years. She'll renew it again in 2013.

Now she's ready to help make appetizers for Thanksgiving!


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Nan said...

Congratulations Beth! I don't even know if we have such a thing (food handlers certificate) here. That was a good way to deliver it online tho! I'm impressed! (and with her score!)

Becca said...

Yay! Congratulations, Beth!

Becky said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! So what is on the menu for appetizers for Thanksgiving? That is what I have to bring too!

Alex's Mom said...

Hi, I have trouble commenting from my computer as I am logged into too many google accounts so the phone is easier but tedious. I wanted to get back to you about the wrist guard. Alex's wrists are weak, probably muscle tone and tire after one game. I got the guard at a bowling store and it seems to keep her wrist from tiring. Hope that helps.

rickismom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. You must be so proud of Beth. What tremendous reasorces you have in the WEest, it is harder to get programs like this done here, as we have a small poplulation (relatively) to make up programs in Hebrew....

Kim said...

Congratulations Beth! What a big accomplishment - that's just fantastic.

I found your blog through Sarah's. We are adopting "Chloe" through Reece's Rainbow!

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