Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Beth had her Special Olympics Bowling Tournament last Sunday. I wasn't able to go but Chuck took her and said she did well. She ended up winning a bronze medal!

They came from the bowling alley right to church and she commented how she was "still wearing my bowling shirt." She had a hard time because it's not something she'd usually wear to church! Definitely out of the normal routine for her.

At practice a few Saturdays ago, I saw her get up from her spot, go over to a friend and give her a big hug! I was a little surprised because Beth never initiates friendship.

Then she went to another friend, tapped her on the shoulder and gave her a hug!! Oh my gosh, if you knew Beth you'd know what a huge deal this is for her. I was so proud of her!

Her job coach has been taking her to different stores and she introduces herself to the manager. They're working on eye contact, speaking clearing and loudly enough for them to hear.... Last week they went to the mall. Lots of stores there to practice! I think the pleasant response she's getting from the managers is encouraging her to approach others.

I've talked to a lady at church who is in charge of the ushers and greeters and we're going to find a place for Beth to greet. With the practice she's getting at the mall, this will just reinforce what her job coach is doing.


Nan said...

Greeting at church is just too much fun! Sounds like it would be great for Beth . . . and great for the church!

Jennifer Scott said...

Hooray for a bronze medal!! Congrats to her. And way to go with the initiation. You must be so proud.

Alex's Mom said...

Way to go!

Becca said...

Yay, Beth!!! Great job on the Bronze medal *and* all the wonderful progress!!

Toyin O. said...

I am glad Beth is doing better,being an usher at a church will undoubtedly benefit her:)

EN said...

Leanne is going to start greeting at church as well. Well, she's going to start officially greeting. She has a tendency to want to hold the door for people and pass out bulletins even though she's not officially sanctioned to do so! LOL!