Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Put Your Chin Right Here

Beth broke her glasses over the weekend. Yep, the long, three day weekend. She was cleaning them and they just snapped. Chuck taped them back together but they're driving her crazy.

We got into the opthamologist yesterday and he didn't have the part. Beth was due for an eye exam anyway so he got her right in. Her vision hasn't changed a whole lot but he said something that made me a little angry. Beth's right eye has always crossed to the center. Like she's looking cross-eyed at something. It's just always done it, even as a little girl. This opthomologist tells me that it's caused by severe far sightedness and can be corrected with a certain type of lens. He said they usually catch it when they're small and then adjust their perscription over time so it corrects it.

What??? Beth has worn glasses her whole life! I think she got her first pair when she was about 6. No one had ever mentioned that to us before! Her eye has crossed her entire life and I'd always wondered why. Grrrr. To know that it could have been corrected?! Are you serious?!? 

As I'm writing this... and trying not to be so negative (I've been trying to work on my attitude) maybe they didn't have the technology when Beth was 6. Maybe they didn't know how to correct it when she was growing up. Maybe. 

Well anyway, I was kinda bummed when we left. He'll call me when the part comes in. He asked if we could leave the glasses for 24 hours; you should have seen the look on Beth's face!! I just politely said, "Probably not." :)


Becca said...

Oh, wow. What a shock to get that information *now*!!! How much time does the lens adjustment take? Is it something you'd consider now, anyway? Glad you were able to get the exam and the new lenses quickly, though. :-)

JC said...

Ya, that would frustrate me a little too!!

Unknown said...

I am glad they can fix it now. So sad that they couldn't when she was a wee little one : ( That makes me sad too.

Kristin said...