Thursday, July 15, 2010

Had A Meeting.... Sort of

Beth's Job coach, her director at work and I all had a meeting this morning. The job coach and I walked into Beth's job at the same time. We were greeted by a supervisor. "I'm sorry L is not able to be here today. We will have to reschedule."


No phone call. No email. No text.

I took time off work to be there. The job coach ran from one meeting to another.

Oh well. What can ya do??

While walking to our cars, Beth's Job coach 'J' told me that she has secured a meeting for Beth with a supervisor at our local Safeway!! In a few weeks, Beth will have an interview (not the same as you or I would have, but an interview none the less) to become a bagger! As Beth told her sister once, "That's my dream job!!"

The meeting turned out pretty great after all!!!


Becca said...

That really stinks that neither of you were notified about L being out. So inconsiderate. But yay for Beth! I'm sure that interview will go great!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

sorry to hear that the person you and the job coach were to meet with did not even consider letting you both know that he/she couldn't meet! glad that the supervisor, however, had good news about a possible position/interview at safeway :)