Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A brief update

This has been a month full of parties! Sharaya and Beth both had birthdays and on Sunday we gave Sharaya a baby shower! Lots of friends, presents and a beautiful cake from Miss Patti! (We love her Patti cakes!)

Beth helped us set up for the shower, moving tables, arranging chairs and just helping where needed. She worked so hard she actually fell asleep in the middle of all the excitement! Pictures to come later. :)

Tomorrow we leave for vacation! We are driving to San Diego to visit family and friends and for my high school reunion. We haven't been on a road trip in more than two years and are definitely looking forward to this! Our kids have grown up taking road trips and I believe this will be number 35 for us.

I always make a packing list with 6 columns: one for the actual list, then 5 more with each of our names at the top. Beth took a giant suitcase into her room along with the list and began filling it up! When she put in some shirts, she'd put a check mark in the column with her name at the top. Then her pants, check. Shoes, check. She loves this! I let her do her own packing, but always double check it before we leave.

And speaking of packing, I need to go fill my suitcase! Clothes, check. Vitamins, check. Camera, check.

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My name is Sarah said...

Cool that you are on a vacation by the beach.