Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Our Weekend

I took Beth to Supercuts on Friday and she got her hair trimmed. It looked so cute when we left the salon but I haven't been able to make it look like that since!

On Sunday we went out to lunch after church. Sharaya and Allie had made plans and Chuck had to work so just the two of us went to Hamburger Harry's. They have THE best burgers I've ever had! Then we went down to the beach again. We're beginning to love the view from 'our' bench. :)

As we got up to leave, we noticed the ranger station was open over by the pier. They had a touch tank inside where we got to check out all kinds of sea life. It was fun!

So how was your weekend? Do anything fun?


Rebecca Jo said...

I can NEVERRRRR get my hair like the stylist do it either!
I would love to get my hands in a touch tank - so fun!!!!!

Billie Jo said...

Love her haircut!!!!!

bj said...

On a summer vacation to the coast of Texas several yrs ago, I also had fun with a touch tank....I loved it.
Her hair is adorable...