Sunday, August 5, 2018

Keeping Busy

We went to a giant yard sale at our church last week. It's a fundraiser for a men's home for those coming out of addictions. Beth looked and looked and finally came away with a folder to keep her papers in. Oh, there was SO much stuff to choose from!

We went to see Christopher Robin and it was so good! It immediately brought up childhood memories, of reading the books and having my imagination come alive with those beloved animals.

I came home and got out the book I read as a child. You can tell it's well loved. 

We went shoe shopping. I bought a nice pair of gray, comfortable shoes. And she bought...

Neon pink and purple shoes. I wish I had her boldness and carefree attitude about things! She doesn't care about surface things: how people look, or their stuff. She does care about how you treat people, if you're honest and kind. She loves these shoes so she's buyin' em! I have so much to learn from her.


bj said...

I just love you, Cindy....I love that you have an open mind with your sweet daughter in her pink shoes...and in all serious matters.
That church garage sale looks like a lot of stuff...they are fun to go to.
Oh, and have they found a job for her yet ?

Rebecca Jo said...

We can all learn from that carefree attitude :)
I love those bright pink shoes. I'd wear them myself :)
I love rummage sales... so many treasures to find!
How special is that that you still have that book!!!