Sunday, August 26, 2018

Boyfriends, Bowling and Burns - Our Week

Beth had been asking if Nick could come to church with us so I texted his mom and we set up a date. She scheduled DART to drop him off at church and he joined us in Sunday school. 

After church we stopped at McDonalds for lunch, then headed up to the theater. Beth and I had already seen Christopher Robin but she was excited for Nick to see it too. To be honest, I don't think he really wanted to see it as much as he just wanted to be with Beth.

I scheduled an appointment for Wednesday morning with our regular doctor to look at the burns Beth got from the hot water bottle. (Beth asked me to take a picture so she could see them, they're on her bum!) We had Allie that day too so we all got up early and headed to the doctors. Chuck and Allie stayed in the waiting room while we saw the doctor. She was concerned with their size and the way they looked and cleaned them for me. She gave me a different medication and said she wanted to see her again in a few days. That appointment is tomorrow morning. She told me what to watch for, but I can't tell if they're getting better or not. I'm glad we're going back.

Beth has an art class and karaoke on Wednesdays so after the appointment we drove her up to All Aboard, then Chuck, Allie and I went out for breakfast. 

Special Olympics Bowling started this passed Saturday. The first day is always a little crazy with the coach trying to assign the bowlers to a lane, everyone is trying to pay and there's always lots of questions. The Bowling alley's been sold since last year so many of them were talking about how much it's changed. The same bowlers come every year and it's so fun to see everyone again.



Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

Nick snd Beth are so cute, I'm glad they got to spend some time and the movies are good activities!

So good that you saw the Dr. For the burns, they can be tricky. She will be in my prayers that they heal quickly.

I love that she bowls, that smile on her face says it all. Good luck, Beth!!

Hugs and Lovw, Barb

bj said...

They really are a cute couple...and I know their smiles are heartfelt.
Sending healing prayers to her little bum....:)

Rebecca Jo said...

Bless her heart... or her bum, I should say. She must have really done a doozy on it! YIKES.
So did Nick like the movie in the end?

Billie Jo said...

SO glad they had a great time!
They look so happy!
Have a cozy week, my friend.

ellen b. said...

Hope all is better with the burns. That's a nice bowling alley!

Junior said...

Hi there, thank you so much for visiting Junior's blog. I just had a chance to jump over here and read through your posts. So sorry about the burns those can't be fun. Your daughter is amazing and it is clear she has so much fun.
Junior is impressed with your bowling alley, so nice. Have a lovely weekend. Heidi