Thursday, February 21, 2019

Pessimist or Optimist?

I tend to be a pessimist.

I find myself always leaning toward the negative when telling a story or recalling a situation, and I don't like that about myself.

So I want to start my own Thankful Thursday. To remind myself
 there's always something to be thankful for.

This week I'm thankful for:

A lazy day at home
Snow on the ground
Adventures with family
Chuck coming home for lunch every day
Celebrating a friend who is living free from drugs
Getting to tell an employee they're getting a raise

What about you, do you consider yourself a pessimist or an optimist?

Monday, February 18, 2019


You may have seen the meme about all the snow Seattle got last week. Too funny!

I know for some parts of the country what we got was nuthin' but for Seattle, this was more snow than we'd seen in 23 years.

My flight home from San Diego was canceled on Monday due to the snow and they automatically rescheduled me for a flight early Tuesday morning. I thought it was awesome because I didn't have to do a thing. On Sunday afternoon I got a text that said, "Flight 111 is canceled and now you're on Flight 222." It was great!

As soon as we broke through the clouds descending into Seattle, everything was covered with snow!

I absolutely love the snow, this was so beautiful!

 The roads were clear but even today, there is snow piled up in parking lots, in everyone's yards... Like I said, we don't normally get snow like this. Usually it'll snow for a day or two and we'll get a couple inches, but then it melts right away and there's no issues with traffic or blocking roads or anything. 

But not this time!

It snowed a few inches a couple weeks ago and I took these pictures of Allie in our backyard before I went to San Diego. Chuck said while I was gone we got another 6-7 inches.

Three days after I got home Beth and I went to the grocery store. She helped me brush the snow off my car and bring in the groceries.

(You can't even see her feet! Remember those snow boots we bought a few months ago? I'm so glad we got them!)

Unfortunately it looks like we're done with snow for this year. We might see some snow fall but no accumulation. Last night I sat out in the backyard with some hot tea and watched the sun go down behind the trees that are on the hill behind our house. 

And I smiled because our backyard is still filled with snow!

Do you like the snow? 
When is the last time you got more snow than usual?

Friday, February 15, 2019

Last Visit?

My dad moved in with my sister, gosh, about 8-10 years ago to help them both out financially. Then he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. A couple years ago he started needing 24 hour care and my sister has been doing it every day since. Now he's 94 and his health is deteriorating. I flew down to San Diego last week to see them.

I worked on Thursday and then Chuck and Beth drove me to the airport. My flight actually got in just before midnight! Yawn! I took Super Shuttle from the airport to her house so all she had to go was open the door! I love Super Shuttle!

I planned my trip around my sister's birthday and had called my niece ahead of time so we could plan a small party for her while I was there. My niece and nephew and their families came over for a while. It was loud, but fun to see everyone! Deb was definitely surprised!

My dad gets up usually every 90 minutes throughout the night and I slept on the couch right outside his room so Deb could hopefully get a good nights sleep. He needs help with everything from just standing up to brushing his teeth and fixing meals. My sister does his laundry, prepares his meds, pays his bills and puts him to bed every night. She's sleep deprived and worn out. I was only there for a few days but I wanted to give her just a small break from the non-stop care giving.

My dad isn't a gushy, share your feelings kind of guy but this time he told me over and over how thankful he was that I was there. He told me to tell Chuck 'thank you for letting me come down.'  He was grateful for my help and so thankful Debbie was getting a small break. He knows how much Deb loves him and he was getting emotional when he talked about it.

The morning I left, the shuttle was picking me up at 4am so I was up at 3:00 and my dad woke up a few minutes later. Deb came out to help him while I went into the big bathroom to put on make up and she came in, "Dad's calling for you." He told me again how glad he was that I was there and how good it was to see me. I gave him a gentle hug (he's so skinny) and told him I loved him and that I was so glad I got to come down. 

Deb helped him lay back down and he kept saying how much he loved seeing me. When I was walking out of his room I looked back at him and his eyes were closed but he kept talking, saying he was so thankful...

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


Sharaya and Allie came over the other day and Allie brought some of her Harry Potter Legos. They worked on the tree together and it turned out really cute! 

Sharaya took part in the Viaduct 8k this past weekend. They got to go one last time on the Viaduct before it's torn down and go into the brand new 99 Tunnel! I don't know if you heard news reports the last few years about Bertha, the tunnel boring machine but she finally finished, they spent another 2 years working on the tunnel and it opened on Monday!

Getting on the Viaduct 

The Alaskan Way Viaduct 
It's being torn down after 60 years

In the new tunnel 

Diana got to go to St Croix last week. Her boyfriend had some work to do there and invited her to come! She said they even went snorkeling!

Okay, so this isn't St Criox but it IS her at the beach! 😁

She also started a new job. It's closer to home, has better benefits and the atmosphere was much better when they showed her around.

We got a lot of snow this week and Beth wasn't able to to go All Aboard. Nick was gone last week - he and his family went to Disneyland - so she has missed him! She wrote on her Connection Card at church, "I can't wait to rush to his arms."
Awwe! But today the bowling alley was closed. Hopefully tomorrow All Aboard will be opened and she will once again be reunited with her one true love!

This was the craft we did in Sunday school. When she finished hers she asked for more paper and stickers. I looked over her shoulder a few minutes later - 
"To Nick..."
She wrote him a love note.

 I do love the way she loves him!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

A Few Days Early

We celebrated Chuck's birthday today, even though his birthday isn't until Wednesday, February 6th.

On Friday I got off work and Beth and I headed out for a day of running errands. 

Went to the bank to get cash so Chuck wouldn't know where we were spending money.

Went to Costco and Best Buy looking for just the right gift.

Stopped at UPS to ship a package to Diana, then walked over to Safeway to get a few groceries.

Drove to Shari's Restaurant to buy a lemon meringue pie. Chuck's favorite!

Came home, started dinner and wrapped his gift. Sharaya, Beth and I all went in together for one large gift this year and I tried to get creative while wrapping it! I was hoping to camouflage it a little. :) 

Today we met Sharaya and Allie at Outback. Chuck's been in the mood for steak and lobster, something we only have on special occasions so he decided on Outback. He said it was very good!

Then we came back to the house for gifts and dessert. (I always get cupcakes for Allie and me because we aren't big fans of the pie.)

Then Sharaya helped me bring up the gift. 

We got him a sound board for the new TV. He was pretty impressed and immediately began to set it up. After he got it running we talked about how we need to watch an epic movie to really hear the sound. I mentioned Les Miserables and he said Star Wars. I went out to the kitchen to fix the pie and cupcakes and when I came back to the living room, he had found this on TV:

It was perfect! And the sound board works great! What a difference it makes! Happy Birthday Chuck!