Friday, May 25, 2018

What Beth Was Doing On Our Trip

We took our first road trip when Beth was 2 years old so she's an old pro at this. We drove from San Diego to Washington State to spend Thanksgiving with Chuck's aunt and cousin.

Sharaya was only a month old and both girls did a great job in the car. They mainly slept the whole time. So over the last 31 years, Beth has learned how to relax and just enjoy the ride!

She always sat behind me so I would use my phone to see what she was up to. The thing was, she would always catch me!



 So when I would hear her singing or something I would have to take the picture so fast or she would look up and pose!

So I learned to be really quick and only take one photo, even if it didn't turn out well!

We were playing The Greatest Showman CD!

Course, there was also a lot of sleeping. 

Our average day was 7-9 hours of driving but we had a few 12 hour days. She just goes with the flow!

And then she'd let me know that she'd had enough. 
"No more pictures Mothera!" 

I hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Niagara Falls

Chuck went to Niagara Falls when he was 15 but Beth and I had never been there. It was cold and raining but really beautiful!

We left the parking lot and walked around the grounds, past the gift shop and Visitor's Center and went down to the Niagara River. 

We followed the river down to the falls and were just amazed by the view! 

The falls on the far right are on the Canada side. I hear the view is better over there but we loved the view from this side!

You could pay a little extra to walk out on a bridge to get a better view but because we were wet and cold, we decided to go back to the Visitor's Center and have some hot chocolate!

We weren't there for a long time, but it was so fun to finally see them! We felt the spray and could certainly hear the power of the falls!


Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Football in Canton, Ohio

Before we left on our trip Chuck was planning our route and brought up the idea of going to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in Canton. Oh joy, I thought. Well, I guess if we're stopping to see a friend of mine from high school, we should make a stop for him. I was really excited for him to see this though, his whole life is football. He actually played semi-pro when we first got married and he's seen just about every single game ever played since then.

I expected it to be very boring and I was really trying to have a good attitude about it. Well, much to my (pleasant) surprise, this place was amazing! There were interactive areas, highlight reels, displays, it was so much fun!

Early football uniforms

 They had a table with Hall Of Fame rings that looked like they were sitting up on the display case but what you actually saw was just a hologram.

The actual rings were underneath and you had to lean over it and look straight down to see them. Beth and I thought it was very cool. 👍 😊

The Hall Of Fame Gallery was very impressive. These went on around the corner, there were SO many of them!

"Mean" Joe Green!

Dan Fouts 
(He was quarterback for the San Diego Chargers when Chuck and I met and I began watching football for the first time in my life.)

And of course,

We'd been there a while when Beth and I headed to another area and Chuck told us we needed to get going cause we still had a couple hours of driving before we got to our hotel. We weren't ready to leave yet!

If you've never been to the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio, I highly recommend it! We really had a great time!

Friday, May 11, 2018


I was getting SO excited as we got closer to Diana's house! She'd moved across the country and I hadn't been a part of her life for a couple of years... 

It was after dark and she lives in kind of a gated community and the streets wind around, I ended up calling her and she came outside in her slippers to find us, then directed us to her place. 

She was such a great hostess! Took us around the city, and even planned an afternoon of bowling, knowing how much Beth loves it! I don't want to brag but... I won! 😇

Did you know you can just walk around Princeton University? She lives pretty close to the campus so we spent some time there and I was blown away by the architecture! That place is gorgeous!

 It's amazing how much history is just steps from her house! She took us to Washington Crossing, the place they believe George Washington crossed the Delaware River. 

A replica of the boat. 
We saw a video that said it took 12 hours for all the boats to cross. 

One of the original buildings the blacksmiths used at the time Washington was preparing to cross the river.

It was such a beautiful area

We went shopping, she took us to Wawa, and of course water ice. To be honest when she was telling us about it, it sounded gross. Slushy and custard? No thanks. But she insisted. She also said she gets teased a lot because she calls it Water Ice. Her friends there call it Wudder Ice. Gotta love accents!!

I was very sceptical but oh my word! It was SO good!! We were hooked after the first bite!

On our last night there, her boyfriend Peter came over and fixed  Chicken Parmesan. It was delicious! He's a great cook! (Thank you Peter!) We then played a mean game of Uno! We really had the best time!

And before we knew it, it was time to say good bye.

I tried to put on a brave face but behind those glasses are eyes filled with tears. It was so hard to drive away but to be honest, I feel SO much better now that I've seen her house and where she eats breakfast and buys her groceries... 

It makes me feel like she doesn't live so far away after all.