Thursday, May 31, 2018

CPAP Update

The first night she had it I went downstairs to put water in the machine and she already had her mask on! I was surprised she didn't need help with all the straps and stuff but she had it on.

We bought some distilled water and I brought her down a small cup so she can pour water in it when the jug is too full.

The doctor told us she might have some issues for a few days and if she only wore it a couple of hours a night at first, it would be fine. But the second night she had it, I was crawling into bed when I remembered so I went downstairs to help her but she already had the mask on and was sound asleep!

A couple nights ago Chuck and I were laying in bed talking and we heard this sound. He said, "Is that Beth?" Sure enough, she was snoring SO loud! I headed downstairs and realized she had the mask on but forgot to attach the hose! I woke up her and she groggely said, "Ooops." I helped her attach it and she was out like a light!

She's worn it every night, put water in it without reminders and is sleeping with it all night. She's been so responsible!

On our road trip, Beth didn't have her machine yet and Chuck didn't bring his (there's just so much to it, and you have to use distilled water...) and I remember laying there wide awake some nights just listening to the two of them snore like freight trains! Oh my word it was loud! 

But now, our house is so quiet! You know, I just now realized I've been sleeping really well lately and I bet that's why!

I hope you all sleep well tonight too!


ellen b. said...

Glad you are all sleeping better. Trying to fall asleep with a freight train beside you is no easy task! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA - I bet you are getting some restful sleep yourself.
My dad refused to wear one for years & then after the tried it, he always said he hated waiting so long & said it was the best sleep he's ever had. Isn't that crazy how that machine can do that?

Billie Jo said...

Good for her!
And for all of you!
Have a cozy weekend. : )

Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

How wonderful that you are sleeping better!! I'm so happy that she can do it herself, and that it works. Beth is adorable... :0)

Happy Week-end!

Hugs and Love,