Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Just Some Random Stuff I Haven't Told You About Yet

I was looking through my phone and found a bunch of pictures I hadn't shared yet!

For Father's Day Sharaya and Diana bought Chuck tickets to see the Mariners so of course I got to enjoy the gift with him. :) We love going to the ball park! The food is great, the atmosphere is electric, it's just a fun place to be! We had a great time!

Let's see, I already told you about VBA. Oh! Golden Gardens! We've been hearing about this park near our house so Chuck, Sharaya, Allie and I decided to get some sub sandwiches and eat there. (Beth was at work.) It was crazy to get there with narrow, winding roads, tons of people and traffic. Sharaya finally dropped us off and headed off to find a parking spot. It was so busy! But it was a beautiful park. We set up our chairs on the grass, ate dinner and enjoyed the view.

Allie played on the playground for a while. 

She's at the top, center.

After we ate we walked down to the water. It was beautiful but we didn't stay long, there were so many people and it was getting late.

(This one's from Google.)

Afterward I took Allie back to the playground, Chuck packed up our stuff and folded up the chairs while Sharaya walked back to get the car. It was a fun, kind of spontaneous evening! 

I hope you're enjoying your summer!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ahoy Matey!

Our church had VBA this week (Vacation Bible Adventure) and it was so much fun! 

The theme this year was Pirates and everyone dressed up  in pirate hats and head wraps and they made hooks (red cups inserted with tin foil hooks) and eye patches for their crafts. 

There were Bible stories and an Experience room where they got to act out some of the stories they heard. For instance the day they talked about Peter denying Jesus 3 times 'before the rooster crows'  they had live chickens (because roosters were too loud) for the kids to pet and feed, plus a real crown of thorns and a Roman Soldier's helmet and shield they could try on. 

The church was decorated so well! The team that put it all together did an amazing job! The pirate ship took up the entire platform!

We even had our very own pirates, Pirate Patch and Pirate Peg. I only got a picture of Patch (he's actually our childrens pastor's dad.) 😊 I love this photo! Makes me think of Pirates of the Caribbean.

The first of the week I was helping with Registration, sit at a table and check in the kids. But by the end, I was one-on-one with an 8 year old with autism. He's in our Sunday school class so was more comfortable with me then with the leader whom he didn't know (an amazing lady who volunteered to help if we had any kids with special needs.) Well, as happens sometimes, she ended up with more children (special needs and typical) then she expected. We tried to steer these kids to Bible story and craft and snack and recreation... wasn't easy but we did it!

Every morning I'd pick Allie up and bring her to church. One of her best friends - since birth - was there so they hung out together. Part of the decorations included a photo booth and lots of people were taking pictures of their kids! It truly was phenomenal.

 Our VBA is only 4 days long, instead of the usual 5 and on Thursday night we have a big Family Night where all the parents come and hear about everything the kids did and learned throughout the week. Then they all swarm the parking lot for hotdogs and chips, games and inflatables.

 It was a great week but boy am I exhausted! Does your church put on VBA? Have you ever volunteered?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Thinkin' About It

I am itchin' for a road trip.
Travel mug in the console.
Oldies playin' on the radio.
Window down.
And the open road laid out before you.
Almost makes me cry just thinkin' about it. 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Goofy

I love this photo of Goofy and me back in 1963. My sisters were pretty excited but I was about 2 years old and was not happy that he was so close! 

He looks like he's just wearing casual slacks and a simple vest. A very basic costume!

Fast forward to 2011 and boy has he changed! The costume is grander and makes him seem more 'real'. Allie is about one-and-a-half here and she wasn't thrilled with him either!


When's the last time you went to Disneyland? 
Do you have a favorite character?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Twenty Seven Miles With Honeybuns and Sugar Lips

After we got back from the ferry last week, we came back here and just hung out for a while. We could hear Beth and Nick down in her apartment laughing and singing.

I went down at about 3:30 and told them that I'd take Nick home at 4:30. When they both came up I could tell Beth wasn't planning to come with me, she was barefooted, her hair was a mess, she was gonna say goodbye on the porch and head back downstairs! Uh, sorry woman, but you're coming with us!

We get in the car and I'm expecting them to talk about their day, the time on the ferry, getting ice cream, but no. Not long after we pulled out of the driveway, I begin to hear name calling from the back seat:

"Hey sugar lips."
"Hey silly butt."

Then they both laughed!!

"Sexy lips!"
"Honey babe!"
"Sugar pie!"

More laughing! 

"You Honeybuns!"
"You a sweet lips!"

They were laughing so hard they could barely get the words out. Now I must tell you that Nick lives about 45 minutes away from us and they did this The. Entire. Way. According to Google Maps it's 27 miles. Twenty seven. Part way there they kinda started to get mean so I told 'em to stop, be nice.

It was quiet for about 60 seconds. Then:

"Sexy buns!"
"Honey buns!"

And tons of laughter!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Back And Forth

We took the ferry over to Kingston on Sunday and the day was close to perfect. We had such a great time. 

We walked out to the ferry and headed to the front of the boat.

Sharaya said this could be our band's album cover. 😎

I don't know any of these people, I just wanted a picture of our ferry, the Walla Walla. Chuck told me that he saw the blonde in the black shirt and thought it was Diana! But, nope. She's still in Philadelphia.

Okay, so not everyone went to the front. A couple of people wanted to sit inside. Alone. So they could make out. Yep!! They were willing to pose for a picture though.

We got off the ferry in Kingston and walked the 1/4 mile to the famous J'amie Les Crepes. This place has the best crepes and ice cream and they're always packed.

After we ate, it was time to head back. Down the sidewalk and back to the ferry.


We had to wait a few while they emptied and quickly cleaned the ferry, then we were able to board. 

It's a 30 minute ride and the scenery is absolutely gorgeous. To the south you can see Mount Rainier and the city of Seattle. To the North you see Mount Baker. Unfortunately they're so far away, the cell phone camera usually doesn't pick it up.

You can barely see Mount Rainier and those tiny dark rectangles just to the left of the mountain are downtown Seattle!

Before we knew it we were pulling back into Edmonds. We're so blessed to live in such a beautiful city. 

What did you do on Sunday? I hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Last Saturday While Beth Was At Work...

Last Saturday while Beth was at work...

Chuck and I moved her furniture downstairs. 

When she got home she walked into her old room and just stopped. I followed her downstairs and she was just beaming! 

She immediately began hanging up her crosses and her calendar. She plugged in her nightlight and set her alarm. 
She did all those things that make the place exclusively hers.


She's so glad to be back in her own apartment!

Friday, June 16, 2017

It Was Like She Was Right There

Some friends and I were talking at work this past week and while one of them spoke, I got so excited because I wanted to tell them that Diana had come over... but then I caught myself. (One of the few times I actually thought before I spoke.) 😇

What actually happened was Sharaya came over and we were gonna look at some pictures (old negatives) she had just put on CD's and while she was here, she FaceTimed Diana. The three of us (Chuck and Beth were both at work) sat at the table 'together' and looked at photos! We talked and laughed and reminisced... it was so much fun! I felt like I had actually spent the day with the two of them. 

These are a few of the pics we were looking at:

They're from our East Coast trip back in 2004. Man that was fun! Flew into New York, then rented a van and drove from Massachusetts to Florida, sightseeing all the way!

My back continues to improve every day. Mornings are the worst because my muscles and spine are so stiff and it takes me a while to get out of bed. The first thing I do is fix a cup of tea and put the electric heating pad on my back. It only takes a half hour or so for everything to relax and then I'm fine the rest of the day. The good thing is I haven't had any more pain. As long as I don't over do it.


We're making progress on Beth's apartment. Today I took her microwave downstairs and just cleaned up a few things. She has a bookshelf in the upstairs bedroom and one downstairs so she's been transferring some of that. Plus clothes from her closet, her movies, books...

Her and Nick keep making plans for him to come over but it just hasn't worked out. She keeps putting it on the calendar, then crossing it out. We're hoping we'll have her all moved in by next weekend! Then he can come over and see her 'new' place.

Do any of you have a favorite FaceTime story? 
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!