Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Two Young Adults

All morning at work I thought about Beth's Connection Card, and her and Nick being at home by themselves. I planned to leave work early so that they'd only be here for maybe 30 minutes before I got home.

My mind went to places it shouldn't have gone, imagining the worst that could happen, why do I do that?! Am I the only one?

Anyway, as the day wore on I began to think about the two of them, their personalities, things they're apt to do or not to do and how more than likely they wouldn't do anything to get themselves into trouble, maybe a little first base, possibly second base but nothing more. I began to relax and ended up working my regular hours.

I texted them both not long after they got to the house and told them, "I'll be there soon" (even though I wasn't coming for a while) so they would be expecting me to walk in any minute.

(I'm going to tell the details here. Only to show our lives, to tell our story. And if you have a child with Down Syndrome maybe you've already been through this, or maybe your child is still young and you're wondering what you can expect when they get older. I also want to say, every person who has Down Syndrome is very different from other people who have Ds and your child may not go through this. I'm only sharing my story.)

(And please don't judge these two. They're just young adults trying to figure out their way in the world.)

When I got home I went downstairs to let them know I was home. They were sitting in kitchen chairs but were very close to each other and Nick had his phone up like he had been filming something. Beth put her hand by her eyes, something she does when she doesn't want to be seen and Nick just stared at me like a deer in headlights.  They said they had a good time bowling but offered no other info. It made me very curious about what they were up to so I went back upstairs and fixed some tea. A few minutes later I stood at the top of the stairs, just listening.

I heard Nick say, "Show me your moves!" and I could hear Beth move her chair  After just a few seconds he said, "That's it?" and Beth responded, "Uh huh."

Then he told her to get on the bed and show him her moves. "Get on the bed, Beth." That's when I headed down. Beth was out of her chair and beginning to take her sweater off. She is so timid and basically does anything she's asked. Dangerous or not. She just doesn't seem to be able to defend herself.

And Nick is just the opposite. He's very controlling and insists everything go his way. For instance, our church serves dinner on Tuesday nights and last night they were having Swedish Meatballs. That's Beth's absolute favorite meal! They got their food and drinks and I joined them a few minutes later. I saw that Nick had chicken and rice and Beth had... chicken and rice? "Beth, you didn't get meatballs? I'm surprised!" She just hung her head and Nick picked up his phone and began scrolling. Sigh...

I'm thankful he was able to ride the bus with her yesterday and that they got to hang out for a while but I learned they can't be left alone for too long.

Beth adores him and loves having him as a boyfriend but isn't ready to get married anytime soon. They love dating and being together so we'll continue to just take one day at a time.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Social Secretary

Beth and Nick met when she was 30 and he was 28. We never thought she'd have a boyfriend, she'd been single and happy for so many years we figured it would be that way forever!

Both Sharaya and Diana dated and had guy friends but Beth never did. When Beth was in her early 20s she would occasionally say she wished she had a boyfriend but even stopped saying that after a couple of years.

It was hard for her when Sharaya became engaged and got married. Then when Sharaya got pregnant, she remembers Beth not talking to her for months. Was she jealous? Angry? Maybe both. But eventually she was thrilled to become Aunt Beth and loves to play with Allie. She became content with her life and it's routines and schedules.

Then Nick appeared on the scene. He has changed everything! I've become Beth's Social Secretary, so to speak.

She'll come to me and say, "I want Nick come over on Tuesday." I'll check my calendar and we'll find a Tuesday that works for us then I'll write down the details.

"What do you want to do when he comes over?"

"I want him ride my bus with me." 

"Oh, so you just want him to ride the bus with you after bowling so you can spend some time together?"


So then I text his mom and let her know of our plans and give her the dates and times to see if that works with their schedule.

Once all the plans have been made, I'll go down and tell Beth the details.

"After bowling on Tuesday, Nick will come here and you two can have lunch together." I'll make sure she has enough food for the both of them and that it's something they both like.

Of course, I'll come home early that day to make sure they're not home alone for too long. And I will tell her what time I will be here too. And I will go downstairs as soon as I get home to let them know I am home and that they are no longer alone.

(Beth recently wrote a prayer request at church that could be considered *ahem* R-Rated.) Oh Lord, help!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Story Behind The Picture

There's a rest stop just inside the California (Oregon) border on I-5, right alongside the Klamath River. We've driven to San Diego so many times that we actually look forward to this rest stop. Like driving to your old high school or visiting the neighborhood where you grew up.

We started taking the same picture every few times we'd go down to California. Once, we went down 3 times in less than a year so we'd have to wait until the girls had actually changed enough to see a difference, but we'd get so excited about recreating it!

Then one time, the sign was gone!! We looked all over to see if maybe they had moved it to another part of the rest stop but nope! It was just gone. It was like losing an old friend.

So I asked the girls to pose one last time and they just laughed at me! 

"Awe, come on! Just one last pose for old times sake! Pleeease?!"

Sharaya looked around to make sure no one was looking. Diana and Beth looked so embarrassed! They were laughing so hard!

But they did it!! They posed for like a half a second and I got the picture! The end of an era at the Randolph-Collier Rest Area.

We have so many road trip stories but this is one of my favorites! So much laughter and a crazy picture to remind us!
Do you have a favorite road trip story?

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tiny Barns And Large Pillows

Diana was here for a week but I didn't take one picture of her! I got the ones at Chuck's party but that was it. We all went out to eat on Wednesday night, her and I walked along the marina downtown, we spent a day shopping... it was so good to have her home.

I've added a few things to our classroom, trying to make it better without creating too much change. I bought a barn to go with the doll house but didn't realize it needed to be assembled. I was a little shocked when I opened the box, but it only took me 90 minutes to put it all together!

I also added a canopy to a large, platform type thing we've had in our room for a while. The first time I saw it, I thought of something like this! It's taken me a while to put it all together but I see it as a place for them to sit and read or even just a quiet space.

Do you have a quiet space where you go to just chill?

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Always Smiling

I can't believe how fast time is going nowadays. I was thinking today that if I write a post it will only have been a few days since my last one and I'd be doing so good!

Then I looked at the date of my last post, sigh. It really is going too fast.

Chuck turned 60 on February 6 but a friend of Diana's was getting married today and Diana had already planned to fly out here for her wedding so we decided to wait and have Chuck's party while she was here. So we planned it for last night, February 24.

Sharaya lives in a condo and they have a wonderful clubhouse that you can rent for parties and such. It was so nice to have this available to use! Thank you Sharaya! 😍

We decided to lay out some pictures and memorabilia from 1958 and everyone had such a good time looking at everything and trying to pick Chuck out of his Kindergarten class photo!

(FYI - he's on the very bottom, far left!)

Remember Leave It To Beaver? 
It came out when Chuck was just a year old!

This is the house they lived in when he was born. It was a ranch with 10,000 chickens!

 Sharaya gave a toast part way through the party, a very touching tribute about how Chuck has always been there for her and even shared some stories from when she was growing up... it was very moving! I cried!

Then Chuck shared a little about how he can recall 4 times in his life he should have died - when he was born, both of his lungs were collapsed and he spent some time in an incubator; was in such a major car accident that people who saw the accident scene were sure no one had lived; almost drowned in a river in the Philippines...

He has been through so much in his life but is the most joyful person I know. Seriously! He's so friendly and is always smiling! He truly is a remarkable man and I am so blessed that I get to live life with him. 


Happy Birthday Chuck!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Family Stuff

Chuck, Beth and I went to a wedding the other day and Beth studied that bride!

(She's wearing the brown pants)  
Chuck and I got some cake and sat down with friends while she followed J and S around the room. When she threw the bouquet, Beth actually squealed! Then she came over to us and began to talk about what she wanted her wedding dress to look like!

We had no idea Beth was going to this wedding with the idea of planning her own! 😮

Diana will be here on Friday!! A friend of hers is getting married next weekend so she'll be here for a week and we are so excited!!

Allie came over for a while today while Sharaya cleaned Allies room. It gives her a chance to get rid of things without Allie being there to protest. 😏
We painted and played board games and ate cookies and looked at her baby pictures and watched TV... we always have so much fun when she's here!

I'm in the process of painting our small bathroom. A friend of mine painted her bathroom a soft violet and had pictures of her daughter's cheer leading team on the walls. It was a University of Washington Husky's bathroom and it was gorgeous! She did such a great job on it and I thought, "I can do this!" 

I was born and raised in San Diego, Chuck's family moved there when he was very young and that's where we met, got married, started our family... and so it would be safe to say the San Diego Chargers were his first love. Even after we moved to Seattle, he'd cheer for the Chargers. So I decided to paint the bathroom the color of the lightening bolt. Then I'd add dark blue towels and accessories. It was gonna be great! But the color of the bolt actually looked orange. And I don't mean, "Does that have a hint of orange?" I mean, it was really orange. I always thought it was a mustard/gold color but nope. Orange.

And then the Chargers moved to L.A. 

So I'm painting it white again.

How are things going at your house? 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Worth The Wait

We've lived in Seattle for close to 30 years and have never been to the Skyview Observatory!

The Columbia Center is the tallest building in the State of WA at 76 stories and the Skyview Observatory is on the 73rd floor. By contrast, the CC is 930 feet tall and the Space Needle is 520 ft.

 (This picture is from Google.) 

You might remember that Chuck drives for Metro and I think I've been on a city bus three times in my life. So we decided to take the bus downtown and ride the Light Rail to the Columbia Center.

There's SO much construction doing on downtown!

The views are spectacular and I love the different perspective of the city. 

Looking West toward the Olympic Mountains

Looking East. That city just on the other side of Lake Washington is Bellevue.


And South. Mount Rainier is directly in the center of the photo, a dark triangle in the middle of the clouds.

Centurylink Field and Safeco Field

We tried our hand at selfies

Hahahaha!!! How do people do it?! 😆
Then a kind gentleman offered to take our picture.

 Much better. 😊

We sat at  Starbucks for a while, walked around downtown, it was such a great day hanging out with my guy.

How did you spend your Saturday?

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Last Two Weeks

When church's Executive Assistant retired last fall, another admin was given her position but the main job was broken up between a few people. One of the jobs I received was Memorial Service Coordinator.

I volunteered at one and just knew this is what I was supposed to do. Our church doesn't have many funerals or memorials throughout the year but we've had 6 in the last 4 months.

But in the last two weeks, a older member of our congregation passed away...

(Placing the flowers and photo before the service)

I arranged for Beth and Nick to meet up for dinner and a movie. They made it their Valentines celebration.

Sharaya and Allie came over and somehow we ended up on the computer looking at pictures of Allie as a baby. She made so many cute expressions!

 I'm the event planner for our Business Meetings. We had about 180 for our Annual Meeting last week.

The morning of the Business Meeting we found out that our head custodian had suddenly and unexpectedly died in his sleep. It's been a very somber, difficult week at work.

(Trying to arrange everything.
We ended up putting some of it at the top of the stairs.)

After R died, we had a Facilities Meeting that I bought food and drinks for, set everything up then was a part of the meeting. (I'm the Admin for the Facilities Department.)

We've cleaned up our main custodial closet. A couple of the admin removed everything, then I went in on my days off to wipe shelves, label things and just get them organized. With so many custodians using it, over time it tends to collect things.


(I love it when there's a place for everything and everything is in it's place!) 

 Beth and I drove to The Spaghetti Factory yesterday for Nick's surprise birthday party! His parents are taking him to Disneyland!

The last two weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions. It's 6:00 on Monday night right now and I should be at work. (I work a part time job Monday evenings) but I decided to stay home. I'm doing laundry and helped Beth put on her new comforter and pillows. 

Time to just relax.

What kinds of things do you do to relax? Has it been a long time (too long?) since you had a chance to really relax?