Thursday, August 6, 2020

Thankful Thursday - Success, Sunrises, Seeing

Need some good news?
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This week:

Four infusions and Chuck still feels great!
Sitting outside to watch the sunrise
Time with family
Days and days of sunshine
A friend graduating after 18 months of rehab
Finding new trails to walk
Seeing old, familiar faces
No more political robocalls for a while!
Playing games with Allie
A new Cinnamon Roll Casserole recipe!
(Thanks to Libby at Beauty Without Within!)

What are you thankful for this week?

Monday, August 3, 2020

Not Another Manic Monday

Work has been very manageable lately. It's really been nice. Our custodians' job is two-fold. One is cleaning the building. And the other is event management. In July we had 600 hours of reserved events. Maybe the event was two hours long but they reserved the room for three hours. Back in February we had over 3000 reserved hours of events. Just for February. And that's been average for the last few years. So yeah, work has actually been fun lately! No stress, my boss is on vacation, woohoo!! 😁

After work today Beth and I went to Hobby Lobby. I was looking for a sign that says, As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. It's from Joshua 24:15 and has to do with what our pastor preached yesterday. Well they only had one and it wasn't really my style so I'm gonna have to check on-line.

We stopped to get some pictures I had printed. Do you still print out photographs? Chuck says that I have way too many photos. I think he's crazy. 😊 I'm actually getting our Christmas cards ready. I always start early so I'm not too rushed come December. These are just some of the pictures we took at our photo shoot back in June.

Gotta have a Covid picture to represent 2020!

After dinner tonight I went out and watered the yard, both front and back. We don't have a sprinkler system, well we do, it's me. It was after 8:30 when I finished and the sun was going down so I sat outside for a while. It was so peaceful, the sky was beautiful. I daydreamed about creating a beach area in our back yard with sand, fire ring, beach chairs, hanging lights, sigh... do you daydream?

Our blackberries are starting to ripen!

The Morning Glories are closing up for the night so I will too.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Saturday Snippets - Totally Missed It

I came home from work on Tuesday and Chuck was cleaning out the garage and side yard! He had rented a truck and had already taken one load to the dump. I changed my clothes and went out to help. He got the side yard completely empty and we got about 2/3 of the garage cleaned and swept.

Sharaya and Allie came over for dinner on Wednesday and we played Mexican Train again. One of the reasons we love it so much is because we can all play it.

I completely missed Thankful Thursday. It was a long day at work for me because I redid a few things at my desk.

Earlier this year I had put up a taller wall to get some privacy between me and the front office. I had so much work and trying to help run the front office was just too much. It worked well for a while, then a couple months after I did this, Covid hit and we closed. Now all the reasons that caused me to put it up no longer exist.

I also needed more storage space. There was always stuff piled on my filing cabinet, I just didn't have the room to store everything.



Now I can't wait to go back to work on Monday!

Beth and I took the ferry over to Kingston yesterday. This time we walked to the little shop and ordered ice cream. (We had crepes there when my sister was visiting.) It was so good on a hot day!

I took this hoping Mt Rainier would show up better. I've outlined it so you can get an idea of how big it is. The small shapes below it are the skyscrapers in downtown Seattle.

Have you been on any adventures lately?

Monday, July 27, 2020

Not A Whole Lot

I was looking through the pictures on my phone and realized there hasn't been a whole lot going on around here since my sister left. It's been kinda nice, although I've had to convince myself that it's okay sometimes to just sit and relax. Read a book. Watch TV. I tend to feel so guilty because I'm not accomplishing something. 

But it's okay. It's okay.

We took another walk this week on the Interurban trail. We park the car, then walk a mile or two until we find another good place to park, then we walk back to the car. The next time we park at the good place we found and continue walking where we left off. I was telling Chuck how much I'm enjoying it because we set to see a part of the city that you can't see cruising by on the freeway.

When I took this picture the freeway was on our left and a huge shopping mall was on the right. We've shopped at the mall and driven by this so many times and never knew the trail was here!

By the time we reached this point the freeway was on our left. (The trail ended at one point so we actually drove part of the way, down a main road, across the freeway... got out and continued walking.) 

We came across these gorgeous flowers, I'd never seen them before. If you could open the yellow petals all the way they'd be bigger than your hand! Do you know what they are?

Chuck and I went down to the beach the other night. Well, it's not an actual beach like San Diego or New Jersey, but it's more of a marina / breakwater / sitting area. But we call it the beach. It's calming. And peaceful. 

So... that's about it. Sunsets and flowers. It's been a quiet, relaxing week and I've enjoyed every minute of it!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday Snippets - Secret Seattle Adventures

When people visit Seattle they go to the Space Needle, the Aquarium, Pikes Market, they might even ride The Great Wheel. 

But just like every city, the locals know the best spots!
So we introduced my sister and great-niece to... 
The Fremont Troll!
He lives under a bridge just north of downtown.

And yes, he's clutching a real volkswagen bug in his left hand.

Next we were off to the Gum Wall! Rachel said she heard of one in another city but she's never seen one. It's exactly what it sounds like, where people come from all over to put some gum on the infamous wall. I don't know how often, but occasionally the city will close it down and clean it off, then it begins again!

 And yes, she came prepared! 

There were fireworks at our next door neighbors on July 4th; we took a ride on the ferry across Puget Sound; drove up to Snoqualmie Falls; took Nala to Dog Beach... and also spent a lot of time at home, playing games and talking by the fire.


We had such a great time. It was hard to say goodbye!

Have you ever been to Seattle?
Have you ever seen a Gum Wall?
What do people visit when they come to your city?

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Flowers, Sunsets, Iced Tea

It's time to link up with Rebecca Jo for Thankful Thursday!

This week has me thankful for:

Ice tea on a warm summer day
Big yellow flowers
A friends contagious laughter
Seeing the results of hard work
Family walks
A gorgeous sunset
Walks on the pier with my hubby
Planning a quiet getaway!

Colossians 3:15 
Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts... and be thankful  

I pray you have peace this week! 

Monday, July 20, 2020

Her Bobin

 Beth was only 2 when she was born.
As far as she's concerned she's just always been there. 

Beth is standing on our coffee table! 

One day they were teasing each other about Bob the Tomato. From Veggie Tales. Calling each other every version they could think of: Bob, Bobby, Bobin... and it stuck.


Sharaya's had to endure some difficult things growing up with Beth. The school district would move the special ed department from school to school every year and I hated that. To move Beth and her friends around so they had to learn a different school layout every year, new bell schedules... just didn't make sense to me. 

Well for one year all 3 of our girls went to the same elementary school. It was just a few blocks from our house so I'd walk them to school in the morning and they would all walk home together in the afternoon. I guess one day a bunch of kids who lived down the street from us ended up throwing rocks at Beth and a few of the rocks hit Sharaya and Diana as well.

Another time Beth ended up under her desk at school and didn't want to come out. They couldn't get her to tell them what was wrong, she wouldn't move... so they got Sharaya out of her class and had her talk to Beth. I still don't know why a school would do that, instead of calling the parent.

But Sharaya just did it, just took care of Beth when it was needed. She never made a big deal out of it, she just did it. One time, Sharaya would have been about 4 years old, Beth was six - this was before cell phones so I had the video camera out and was recording them as they played in the front yard. The toy Beth was playing with broke and before I knew it Sharaya had put her toy down, went over to Beth, fixed her toy and went back to playing. I stood there just flabbergasted. This 4 year old... already looking out for her bigger sister. This is just the kind of person she is.

Well for more than 20 years they've called each other Bobin. When they see each other Sharaya will say, "Hi Bobin" and Beth will respond, "That's you."

Sharaya grew up, got married, and for a few years she dealt with her husbands addiction, now she's raising a daughter by herself... she's been through a lot and she and Beth don't have a lot in common anymore. Life can be really hard and the solution isn't always as easy as fixing a toy.

But as busy as Sharaya is, she still finds time for Beth. She'll take her to the theater, they sometimes go out to lunch, the movies. Sharaya still makes a point of including Beth. Of finding things that Beth likes to do and doing them with her.

Sharaya's a remarkable woman. The Lord knew exactly what He was doing when He gave her to us. He knew Beth would need a Bobin in her life and He gave us the best!