Friday, September 22, 2017

Can Root Beer Teach A Lesson?

Beth was at work tonight and sent me a text saying, "I am not doing good today at work mothera." I wasn't exactly sure what she meant so I asked her if she felt sick. "Is just my tummy hurts and I feel warm."

Oh my. I told her to tell a co-worker, find someplace to sit down and I'd be there soon. It took me about 20 minutes to get there and she was fine by the time I arrived. Apparently she was drinking root beer and it gave her a stomach ache. The manager gave her some bottled water and she almost immediately felt better. So she finished her work and was ready to go when I arrived.

I used this situation to encourage her (again) to stop drinking soda. I told her her body was telling her to stop drinking it. We'll see if it works.


Sharaya, Allie and Diana are in Southern California this week. they spent a few days at Disneyland, then went down to visit my dad and all the family. I've loved seeing all the pictures on Facebook and Instagram! Makes me feel like I've gone along with them. What did we do before social media? 

Work is still crazy busy but should calm down soon... My sister will be visiting in a few weeks... Two birthdays are right around the corner! I hope you've had a great week!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Then And Now

We've been so busy this week but I don't have many pictures. This Sunday is our Business Meeting at church and I'm the event planner. There are so many steps to the process and I have a very long check list to make sure I don't forget anything.

Plus on Sunday, Beth is going to Nicks for the afternoon. She'll take DART back and forth since Chuck and I will be at the meeting. Nick and his parents have recently moved and she's so excited about seeing his new room. He sent me this picture. It's him, Beth and M at Karaoke this week. 

Beth and M have been friends since they were 5 years old. This is them in 2nd grade, did you find them? They adore each other! 😍

 Sharaya and Allie are on a road trip! Sharaya has so many fun things planned. One thing Allie doesn't know is that Diana is flying in on Sunday to join them for a few days! Ahhh! I am so excited for them!

Allie today

 And Sharaya and Beth back in 1990

 Carrying on the road trip tradition!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

King Pin

We usually get to the bowling alley early, to make sure we're able to get a seat near lane 13, where Beth bowls. She has her own ball and shoes and as soon as we get there she gets ready. Shoes on and ball on the rack.

Then she waits.

The bowling alley has to set up the teams and put everyone's names on the score board. So everyone waits.

Once they see the 'Practice' windows up on the monitors, everyone jumps up and begins to bowl. They know they have 10 minutes to warm up.

Then the real bowling begins. They keep score and everyone is at their top game! This week Beth started out slow and has the lowest score until frame 5. Then she got a strike and a couple spares and ended up somewhere in the middle of the team.

 Usually the kids have their bowling tournament the end of October and that's it. They all go home and it's over. But this year they said there are so many teams that the gold medalists this year, will get to go on to Nationals! Beth won a gold medal last year so here's hoping she does well again this year!

Friday, September 8, 2017


Beth and I did a little shopping the other day. She was so excited about all the back-to-school stuff and wanted to go buy some things.

This was the same day we bought her kitchen cabinets. After we had taken them downstairs and set everything up, I was exhausted and ready to just crash for a while. But she was insistent about getting her school supplies.

So we headed to Fred Meyer since they have just about everything and as we're walking to the back-to-school section I asked her what she wanted to buy. "Jus' my markers." Seriously? You don't want a backpack and pens and... "No." We find the aisle with the markers and of course they don't have the colors she likes. She's found some markers that are a different shade from the regulars. Instead if red, blue, green, they are maroon, teal and forest. But many stores don't carry them.

We walked around for a while and she found this bathrobe. She's always liked Spongebob! And it was SO soft! But she decided not to buy it because she already has a purple robe at home.

After buying some groceries we stopped by Bartell's so she could get her markers but I told her I'd wait in the car. She sure loves that store!

You can tell by the look on her face that she caught me taking her picture! That's usually when I hear, "Mothera!"

Do you like to shop? What's your favorite store? 

Monday, September 4, 2017

We Were Surprised It Fit in the Back of the Car!

Beth got paid from her job as well as the state on the same day this month! Not sure that's ever happened before. Of course, the money's been burning a hole in her pocket.

After her bills were paid, I told her that she had enough left to buy a new comforter for her bed, maybe some pillows, new pictures to hang on the wall in her room... We talked about it off and on for a couple days.

Sharaya and Allie had made plans for today so Chuck, Beth and I tried a new restaurant in our little town. It was SO good! Rory's is about 2 blocks from the water and right at the ferry entrance. We sat outside and enjoyed the view!

After we dropped Chuck off at home (he had to work) I told Beth that we could go get the comforter or... she had enough to get her kitchen cabinets.

"I want that."

So instead of Bed, Bath and Beyond, we headed to Home Depot. At the back of the store we found two cabinets that would be perfect for her. She definitely needed drawers, but also some cupboard space for napkins, crackers, etc. A couple employees came over to help and when I asked about counter tops, he showed me a few pieces that had been cut for other customers and they were being sold as is. If we wanted a custom piece, we'd pay now, then they would have to cut it for us and we'd get it later. The already cut, smaller pieces were all about 4 feet long and looked fine to Beth and I! She chose one of the colors and off we went to buy it all! 

That's when I remembered the back of my car had a huge suitcase in it, a car seat, a small box of stuff, how were we going to get all this in the back of my car?

Thankfully an employee came out to help us stuff it all in and we did it! And the back closed completely!

We got it home, out of the car, down the stairs and into her room. She helped me take it all apart and we figured out where she wanted it.

Because the counter top was already cut (very inexpensive that way!) we decided to just put a space between the cabinets for a trash can or whatever she decided to put there. Nothing is officially attached because she's not positive that's where it's going to stay but it works for now. She absolutely loves it!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Mirrors; Seats, Autism, But Not in That Order

I recently bought some new things for my Sunday school classroom. I'm sure the younger kids will love this stuff, the problem I have is finding things that Middle and High School boys like to do.

I've purchased a tablet and put a few games on it, I have a CD player with headphones and some music... but nope. They just want to hang out. They all have autism so if you have any ideas of what 12-20 year old boys with autism like to do, please let me know! I've asked them but all they want to do is veg out. I've asked their parents but English isn't their first language. Help!

Our church has just about finished remodeling our Sanctuary. It's been going on for a month and we're so grateful to the men and women who have been working so hard to lay carpet, rebuild the platform and put the seats back in. 

This is the view from the balcony with the old, orange carpet. Now everything is blue/gray. Cool colors. 😎

Sharaya and Allie recently went to the Seattle Art Museum to see the Yayoi Kusama exhibit. It's done with mirrors and it looks amazing! They had a great time.

I've been away from the computer for a week and I really missed you. I thought about all of you a few times and wondered what you'd been up to! I hope you've all had a great week!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Our Weekend - Special Olympics Has Begun!

On Saturday we took Beth to her first Special Olympic bowling practice. Just like in years past, she didn't get to bowl on the first day because she had to leave for work. They're still getting organized and assigning all the bowlers to their lanes and it just takes longer than usual. She was a little disappointed but she understood.

 Today after lunch I took her grocery shopping. She was completely out of food! We know because she starts eating ours. 😏 We notice the granola bars have disappeared awfully fast and Chuck and I will just look at each other. While she was at work last night I went down to look at her fridge and it was completely empty! I so wish she would talk more.  

So tonight we went shopping. First we stopped at the gas station so I could get my car washed. Even in her 30's, the car wash still makes her nervous.

At the grocery store we usually go our separate ways then meet up at the register but this time she had limited funds (doesn't get paid until next week) so I walked with her to help her keep track of her money.

Now her kitchen is stocked and she's ready for the new week!

Friday, August 25, 2017


Beth doesn't defend herself or speak up when she needs to. I read about some people with Down Syndrome who are self-advocates and speak in front of large audiences and Beth is definitely not one of them.

Just now I had gone into the bathroom (she also doesn't close the door all the way when she's in there) and when I saw she was there, I excused myself and went out. 

I took a letter out to the mailbox, stood on the sidewalk and talked with a neighbor for a few minutes went back into the house and headed back to the bathroom to turn off the curling iron.

Beth was at the sink and that's when she tells me, "You turn the light off when I was in there."

"I did?"

"Yep" and she headed down the hall.

I instantly felt guilty but then I thought, 'Wait a second!' 

"Beth you should have yelled at me, "Mom! You turned the light off!" Or even yelled, "Hey!" Or something to get my attention."

Why wouldn't she have spoken up? Why would she just sit in the dark? I mean... gosh! Why...??

Sometimes her choice to not talk leaves me speechless. 

(A few years ago I wanted to take some pictures of her and had to practically beg her to let me take them. She sure didn't need to talk to express how she felt on this day!)

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Special Delivery!

For over a week I told myself I needed to remember to take pictures when they came. I could get pictures of them going down the stairs and bringing the old one up.

Pictures of them pulling the new one out of the truck.

Pictures of them setting it up. 

And before I knew it they were here! I went down to tell Beth that they had arrived. Then I went up to show them where to get the old one. As they brought it upstairs I could hear Beth squealing and singing. 

When they came back in I told them not to worry about Beth, that she was just happy. Then the 20-something burly guy said, "That's okay. I sing when I'm happy too." 👨

They set it all up and left. That's when I remembered to take the pictures. Aarrgg!! Oh well, what can ya do? I did go back downstairs and take this one:

The bed she had been sleeping on was one we bought for Diana when she was 13 I think? It definitely needed to be replaced. Plus Beth has been waking up with terrible back aches so we hoped the new bed would help.

She'd had a queen size for a while but didn't like it so when Diana moved to Pennsylvania last year and decided not to take her bed, we decided to give it to Beth. But it had lived a good life and it was time for a new one.

We shopped around a few places before finding this one. It's a memory foam and we got it at Mattress City. I asked her this morning if her back hurt and she cheerfully said, "Nope!" 

Right now she's using a bedspread my mom made me when I was in Jr High (we tend to keep things a long time around here) but we plan to go shopping in the next couple of weeks for a new comforter and sheets. Maybe some cute pillows... pink of course!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Traffic On The Beach. No Really! Actual Traffic!

Chuck and I spent our Anniversary at the coast, at the ocean! That's one thing I miss the most (besides family of course!) about living in San Diego. Just being 15 minutes from the actual ocean.

So Chuck and I left here early Monday for the 3 hour drive to Ocean Shores. We set out our chairs and spent the next few hours just watching the waves and breathing in that amazing ocean air!

I could sit and watch the waves all day!! There are a few differences between the beaches in San Diego and the beaches in Washington, one being traffic on the shore. Yep! Actual traffic!

Here in Washington you can drive right out onto the sand. I'm always nervous at first about getting stuck but they've packed it down especially for driving. So we found a spot and parked.

While you're sitting there watching the seagulls and the waves, you're also watching the occasional traffic go by.

We were gone 12 hours and Beth was here by herself the entire time. Monday is her day off so I left her a list of chores like emptying the trash, doing her laundry, vacuuming, she loves to do chores around the house! Seriously. I think it makes her feel like she owns the place or something! :)

We told Sharaya where we were going and when we expected to be home... just in case. But everything was fine when we got back, it was such a beautiful way to spend the day! (This isn't our only celebration though. We have a trip planned to Cabo San Lucas in December!!)

So where have you gone for special celebrations? Any special destinations?