Monday, December 10, 2018


We celebrated Allie this week. Sharaya had a 'friends' party on her actual birthday, December 2nd. She had it at a local pool, perfect for the mermaid theme!

Then this past Sunday Allie wanted to go to MOD Pizza for lunch, and then we came back here for cupcakes and presents.

We had some balloons sitting on the table and after we had cake and ice cream, we went out to the living room and 'bopped' those balloons back and forth for the longest time!

Have you ever done that? Sit on the couch while your kids run, stretch, bend and basically wear themselves out?! It's awesome!

Allie is so creative, she's strong, determined... I absolutely love hanging out with her! Happy Birthday Allie! I hope you had a fun week!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Nutcracker Movie

Chuck, Beth and I went to see The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Sharaya had seen it and loved it but I was skeptical. (You know me!) From the trailers I'd seen it looked like a horror movie so I was a little nervous, but turns out, it's not a horror movie at all and it's really good! A lot of action scenes, a twist, amazing costumes and a lot of beautiful snow!

Chuck had to go to the other side to get his coffee so Beth got her root beer while we waited for him. (She loves those soda machines where you get to fix your own!) 

We got there early and basically had the entire theater to ourselves. A few people showed up right before the movie started but there were only about 15 of us total. We decided we needed to go to the movies on a Friday afternoon more often!

I hope you're having a fun holiday season!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Person Can Only Take So Much

My job has been challenging to say the least. Technically I'm supposed to be at 25 hours a week but it's been closer to 35.

These are my stats lately...

And today I had to go into work and confront an employee who has been calling in sick at the last minute, taking time off, complaining, sometimes just not showing up... thankfully they told me they did want to keep their job. I'm hoping their behavior changes.

A couple weeks ago I wrote an email to Beth's job coach. I've been so frustrated with her lack of drive to find Beth a job.
Well, today I sent it to her.
And to her boss.
And the state agency who pays them both.

I told them that Beth has now missed out on TWO holiday seasons where everyone and their brother is hiring! Yet Beth is still without a job. I told them I didn't want to change services but maybe we're at that place?

And now I'm going to fix some tea, do some laundry and try to enjoy the rest of my day off. Some good news is, I got my Christmas cards done! 😊

How is your holiday season going so far?

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Annie! An Evening Downtown

Sharaya texted me a few weeks ago and said she had two extra tickets to go see Annie at the 5th Avenue Theater in downtown Seattle, and did Beth and I want to go? Yes please!!

Beth and I rarely go more than a few miles from home so this was so much fun to walk a little downtown and see all the lights and feel the energy of Seattle in December. Okay, so it was actually November 24th, but you know what I mean!

We only had to wait in the lobby for a few minutes before they let us in to the theater. After we sat down I tried to take a group selfie. I think I'm getting better at it! 😁

We lip synced and swayed in our seats and jammed along with all the songs:

"...So maybe now it's time and maybe when I wake,
they'll be there calling me baby, maybe!"

"It's a hard-knock life, for us! It's a hard knock life, for us! 'Stead of treated, we get tricked!"

"Hey hobo-man! Hey dapper Dan! You've both got your style.          But brother you're never fully dressed without a smile!"

And at the finale when the whole cast was on stage singing, Beth began to belt it out, "The sun'll come out, tomorrow!! Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there'll be sun!!" I'm sure everyone around us could hear her!

But we had a fantastic time!! Thank you Sharaya for inviting us!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Shocked and Surprised!

Beth loves to buy fruit in a bowl. You can get watermelon or cantaloupe or sometimes you can get different kinds together. 

Beth bought some cantaloupe the other day and the other night she came upstairs and was kind of crying and between the mumbling and the tears I heard the words "not right" and "bad."

I took a look at it and figured out the problem. It actually hadn't gone bad...

She bought Butternut Squash! I guess they put some vegetables out for Thanksgiving, where they usually put the fruit. Sure looks like cantaloupe to me too!

I bought her some cantaloupe tonight and she was much happier!


Friday, November 23, 2018

It's Worth It

We have our first Leaders Meeting in August. 
We begin contacting last years volunteers.
We start sign ups the first of October.

But the Monday before Thanksgiving is when all the hard work really begins.

The kitchen begins prep work to feed more than 1200 people.

 The decorations go up all throughout the building

The dining room is filled with tables and it's my job to make sure they're spaced well enough for the servers to get through. Plus there has to be room for the giant food carts to get through, and people in wheel chairs, and service animals...

Once that's done we put all the chairs around and volunteers come in to decorate all the tables. 

 Then there's all the little details like making sure each serving station has brooms and gloves, water pitchers, serving utensils, rolling trashcans and anything they might need throughout the day.

When Thursday morning arrives everything kicks into high gear.

The teams of volunteers begin to arrive -

The Transportation Team shuttles people to and from the church and Beth rides along with Chuck as a greeter

This is the pastor who oversees the entire event and his wife who does all the work. 😁 During the Thanksgiving season she's known as 'Mumsy Pumpkin'. One of these days I'll have to find out how she got that name! They both give so much and they make you feel truly loved. Sincerely two of the best people I know.

This is the third year I've been in charge of the Busers and Servers which means I oversee the entire dining room.

Room set up
Serving stations
Section leaders 
All 120 Busers and Servers
Delivery of the food 
The guests

Just some of the Busers and Servers

Once all the teams are in place, we open the doors and the guests start pouring in!

Then the food is brought out on 4 large carts, one for each section. We deliver it to the tables and the table host serves everyone family-style.

 Mumsy always gets an incredible speaker who does puppets and balloon animals and entertains the kids while sharing the gospel. We had over 80 people raise their hands for prayer on Thursday.

After everyone leaves, we clean the tables and do it all again!

And again!

 We have three seatings every year and boy are we exhausted by the end of the day! Then the clean up crew shows up and before you know it, everything is put away and it's time to go home.

Being my first year as head of the custodial department (my day job) I had to stay until the very last person left. I made sure all the doors were locked and the lights turned out and then I set the alarm and headed to my car. I locked the parking lot gates and headed home. 

(I will admit, I'm glad it's over!)
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!