Monday, December 31, 2018

First Time On Skis

We got to the lodge early on Monday so Sharaya and Allie decided to go tubing. The rest of us stayed inside where it was warm and we just watched.

Can you see the person coming down the hill with their arms up? That's Sharaya! Allie is at the top, about ready to come down.

We were able to buy our passes there at the lodge so we didn't have to wait in line at the start of the trail.

We drove into Leavenworth and rented our equipment: skis, poles and boots. Chuck and Beth decided not to do it so they brought their phones and tablets and hung out in Starbucks while we drove the 10 minutes to the trails. 

We had signed up the day before to get lessons but when we got to the little cabin place, I was told that the form was just to let them know we wanted lessons. Then they would contact us and we could set up a time. But it was Christmas Eve and they weren't giving lessons that day. "But it's really easy and I know you guys will be able to figure it out!"

People will tell you that cross-country skiing is a lot like walking. But they forget to tell you it's a lot like walking... on ice!

This was the very beginning of the cross-country trail.

I fell about 3 yards into it, right away, bam! Down I went! We all took our turns, falling and laughing, falling and laughing!

Sharaya and Allie seemed to get the hang of it really fast and they left Diana and I in the dust. At one point we spotted them across a small, I don't know, a valley thing, they were way ahead of us let me put it that way! So much so that Diana suggested we just take off our skis and run to catch up with them, so we did! It gives a whole new meaning to 'dashing through the snow'!

After a while we all got our rhythm and ended up having such a great time! The scenery was gorgeous, it was so quiet and I sometimes stopped just to take some pictures of our surroundings. I can't remember the last time I tried something new like this! A lifelong memory for sure!


Rebecca Jo said...

SO FUN!!! I always wanted to try skiing. But Ricky says he knows I'll break something :) haha

ellen b. said...

Good for you for trying something new!

Billie Jo said...

Good for you!
Beautiful pictures too.
Happy New Year!