Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Person Can Only Take So Much

My job has been challenging to say the least. Technically I'm supposed to be at 25 hours a week but it's been closer to 35.

These are my stats lately...

And today I had to go into work and confront an employee who has been calling in sick at the last minute, taking time off, complaining, sometimes just not showing up... thankfully they told me they did want to keep their job. I'm hoping their behavior changes.

A couple weeks ago I wrote an email to Beth's job coach. I've been so frustrated with her lack of drive to find Beth a job.
Well, today I sent it to her.
And to her boss.
And the state agency who pays them both.

I told them that Beth has now missed out on TWO holiday seasons where everyone and their brother is hiring! Yet Beth is still without a job. I told them I didn't want to change services but maybe we're at that place?

And now I'm going to fix some tea, do some laundry and try to enjoy the rest of my day off. Some good news is, I got my Christmas cards done! 😊

How is your holiday season going so far?


jody lynn said...

yes i am scratching my head there is no job for beth at this point. i am wishing you the best for a new job in 2019. I will never go to that pizza place (nor name them) that did not appreciate what beth offered. good job on your activity level.....LOL

ellen b. said...

Frustrating and it's good you took action. Communication is good! Hope your load is lightened and that Beth gets a job.