Friday, December 14, 2018

Christmas Tree Napkins

Chuck and Beth came to work today to help me fold 100 napkins. I forgot to order the linens for a youth event this week and had to have the company bring them on a special trip. 

When they didn't show up at the time they said, I called them and found out they accidentally delivered them to the wrong church! So Chuck, Beth and I drove to the other church to get them. Then they stayed to help me fold them!

We watched a tutorial on Youtube and after we did the first few, it was pretty easy. Fold and turn and tuck... 

And the end result?

Here's a decorated table from an event last year.

Do you have a special way to decorate your Christmas table?


Rebecca Jo said...

WHHHATTTTTT???? those are so cute!!!!

ellen b. said...

That's such a fun way to fold napkins for a Christmas table.

Saimi said...

Oh my gosh!! Those napkins are the best!! I just use napkin rings haha. You sure have some great helpers!!!