Friday, May 25, 2018

What Beth Was Doing On Our Trip

We took our first road trip when Beth was 2 years old so she's an old pro at this. We drove from San Diego to Washington State to spend Thanksgiving with Chuck's aunt and cousin.

Sharaya was only a month old and both girls did a great job in the car. They mainly slept the whole time. So over the last 31 years, Beth has learned how to relax and just enjoy the ride!

She always sat behind me so I would use my phone to see what she was up to. The thing was, she would always catch me!



 So when I would hear her singing or something I would have to take the picture so fast or she would look up and pose!

So I learned to be really quick and only take one photo, even if it didn't turn out well!

We were playing The Greatest Showman CD!

Course, there was also a lot of sleeping. 

Our average day was 7-9 hours of driving but we had a few 12 hour days. She just goes with the flow!

And then she'd let me know that she'd had enough. 
"No more pictures Mothera!" 

I hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day weekend.


Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

I wish I could have heard, Beth singing to, The Greatest Showman, I love those songs! You guys really put in some long days, and I think it's so cute that Beth caught you taking pictures...she's adorable!

I hope you have a great, Memorial Day!!

Hugs and Love,

Anonymous said...

Does Beth know how to read?