Monday, August 13, 2018

CPAP Issues and Insurance Woes

Beth hasn't been wearing her CPAP machine very much and she says it's because the air blows into her eyes. Chuck and I have tried adjusting the mask but nothing has worked.

The doctor who prescribed it was here in Edmonds.

We had to go to Everett (25 minutes away) to get the small machine to do the home sleep study. And then return it to Everett the next morning.

We went to Mill Creek (15 minutes) to get the CPAP machine. 

Well now that the machine isn't working for her, I called the doctor to make an appointment and was told he doesn't accept our insurance. 

(Beth had to change insurances a few months back when her Primary Care Physician stopped accepting the insurance she's had for decades. But she's had Dr. T for even longer so we switched insurances. And that was after she had the sleep study done.)

So I called the place where we got the machine and now we have an appointment for later this week. I'm not sure what will happen if they don't take her new insurance!

Have you had any insurance issues lately? 


bj said...

no ins. issues as I am on Medicare and a supplemental that is being very good to me. I once had to be in the hospital 3 solid weeks and nary a cent did we owe...even Bill's heart surgery and stays in the hospital were pd for.

He had to have a CPap, too...and he never could get used to it. Just hated it...he finally, the last couple yrs of his life, just quit it altogether...not a healthy thing. I hope you find something she can use.

Billie Jo said...

Oh that dang insurance!
I pray that things will work out quickly for you all!

Heather said...

Oh goodness! Hopefully everything works out smoothly with insurance! How is the job hunt going, Beth?

ellen b. said...

Insurance woes are a pain for sure. Hope all works out okay for getting the machine to work right for Beth.

Rebecca Jo said...

It is a nightmare what out country has become with health insurance woes. It's a true nightmare. Being self insured for 10 years, it was the roughest & most frustrating time of my life. I am SOOOO beyond thankful to be in a company now that has good insurance. I dont know how its ever going to get better here. I really dont. Hopefully you'll get the machine & issues taken care of!