Thursday, August 2, 2018

An Update On Her Job Hunt

Beth's job coach has spent hours looking for a job for her:

"I've been trying to follow up with McDonalds but the general manager isn't returning any of my calls. When I go in, he is always unavailable."

"I've tried to get her into the school district but they won't carve out a position for her."

"I went to Papa Johns twice but the manager wasn't in."

"I've tried various doctors offices but no luck."

"I've tried at the City of Edmonds but they don't have any positions available."

Please continue to pray with us that Beth gets a job soon.  


bj said...

awww, dear heart...what a good mama you are. You are always looking for ways to make her life better...I do hope and pray her coach will find something perfect for Beth.

Rebecca Jo said...

UGHHH!!! What is wrong with people!
Do you think her job coach is really on top of it or is everyone else really just not answering back? Is there another resource you can try that can help get her a job? This just seems like its a LOT of no's...
Still keeping fingers crossed

Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I'm so sorry. My daughter was telling me that my granddaughter, Averi, who is blind and autistic, should have a job, and that she should be looking now, to find her one. She is only 16, and I know the struggle she will have working anywhere.

I think Beth is such a perfect candidate for so many positions! One of favorite restaurants, Perkins, has a sweet Downs Syndrome boy that helps bus tables. We love him. He loves his job, and everyone loves him. There are a lot of senior citizens that frequent Perkins, and they are always so kind to him. And, he does a great job! Most special needs adults take their jobs very serious, and go the extra mile if they are able.

You will both be in my prayers, and I hope the answer is a quick one for both of you.

Hugs and Love,

Billie Jo said...

I will be praying indeed, my friend.
In the meantime, have a cozy weekend.

ellen b. said...

That's frustrating for you and for her, too. Praying right now the right job will become available.