Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Cotton Candy, Jelly Fish, and Civic Duty

Chuck and I went down to the waterfront the other day. It's been cold here but we've had so much sunshine,we just had to get out in it!
Saw what looked like jelly fish all along the shore, this was one of about eight that we saw. I gently touched it with a stick and it seemed like jelly, we've just never seen any like this.

  We walked along the pier and saw a lot of crabs, fish... it was a busy place under that water! And we took a shadow selfie.

See the little crab? Chuck said it was a lot bigger than it looked.

 And it was pretty busy above the water too!

 Mt. Baker is about 70 miles north of us (the opposite direction of Mt Rainier) and was so beautiful. Just pops right out of the landscape.

When we got home Chuck asked Beth if she wanted to go for a walk. We're planning a trip over Christmas and they're trying to build up their stamina. 

 Chuck had suggested to her to walk the next day too. I hadn't been home for too long when I heard the key in the door. In she comes, had her head phones on, was bopping to the music, and when she saw me she said, "I went again!" Woohoo! Proud of her. Proud of both of them! 
We filled out our local ballots and they're ready to be dropped off.

 We had our Harvest Party last night: popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, inflatables, cake walk, and more than 20 carnival games in classrooms all throughout the building. There were a lot of people and everyone had a good time. Especially the child that went missing. Found him sitting in the middle of the giant maze. (lots of refrigerator boxes!) The volunteer told us that he'd get to the end, yell "Nope, don't want it to end!" and head back the other direction! One of his parents actually had to crawl in to get him. 😂
I was working so Chuck and Beth stayed home. We're not allowed to take pictures of all the people - so here's the Commons with one of the inflatables - before everyone arrived. The pink and yellow baskets on the left are filled with bags of cotton candy.


That's about it from here. Welcome to November. I'm very tempted to put some white lights outside. And inside for that matter.


ellen b. said...

Happy November to you. We had a trunk or treat at our church last night and had about 1500 people walking about our campus. We have a small campus with about 400 capacity in our worship sanctuary! Glad to hear that Beth is enjoying her walking regiment. Hope it continues. said...

Sounds like your event was a huge success. So happy for you. And for all the participants.

Beth never ceases to amaze me and make me smile. Yay for her to be walking and building stamina. Paul has really struggled to get back to exercise, even just walking, since his prostate surgery. I hope now that it is finally cool, we can both get back into an exercise routine.

Susan said...

I need to get our and walk, looks like your harvest party went well. That jelly fish looks weird, was it dried out?

Ernie said...

Such beautiful photos. You live in such a great area to be able to explore and see the water and all the life in and around it. What fun. I've never seen a crab in person before.

It sounds like the Harvest party was a big success. It also sounds like a lot of work.

How great that Beth is making walking a habit. The fall weather is the perfect time to get into the groove.

Have a great week!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Happy November times!! Love the coast pictures and all the beauty around you. Love to see Beth enjoying walking with her Dad. All good memories and happy times. Have a blessed rest of your week.

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