Sunday, November 12, 2023

It's Official, Same Place but Different, "There's So Many!"

I hope you've had a fun, relaxing weekend.
Beth and I ran errands the other day. First we went to Hobby Lobby! All their Christmas stuff is out! I bought two very different stars to go over my Nativity set. One is white and sparkly, the other is wooden - not sure which one will look best. And Beth bought a star to go on top of her Christmas tree. We also looked at ALL the ornaments, we could have spent all day in that one aisle!
But we also had to get to Target, that was our main reason for going out. We started in women's clothing, then I headed to bins and baskets while she went to electronics, then we met in stationary. We were all over that store! Then off to the grocery store. It's crazy, by the time we finished all that we were ready to go home!
I took another day and went back to the waterfront. This time it was on the other side of the marina, over by the dog park. We've had some gorgeous weather lately!

This is the dog park, looking south

Then I turned around and took a picture looking north
We have about a mile of accessible shoreline 
The marina is just north of this, then the pier and ferry dock are beyond that

I was able to get out and do some yard work this week - cleaned up the hostas and calla lilies - and put my red lanterns out on the front porch. I will confess, I've started decorating for Christmas. I found this picture in with my Christmas cards and recently bought two trees at the Dollar Tree. So I put them on the mantel. It's official! 😂

 Well, Beth needs some things at the drug store so we're headed out again. All this shopping is certainly adding to her step count!
Have a great week!


ellen b. said...

Looks like you caught some good weather for the waterfront.'s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in stores and other places, too.

Jeanie said...

i love seeing that shoreline! Sounds like you found some good buys. I'm trying hard to buy nothing new for Christmas. Well, that'll fail, but a girl can try1

Rebecca Jo said...

Every time I go into Hobby Lobby, I want to redo ALL my holiday decorations - they have so many beautiful things!

Terri D said...

I enjoyed my visit and the catch-up! I can get lost in Hobby Lobby! Best for me to just stay away! LOL There are lots of houses with Christmas decorations out already around here. I'm not ready yet but don't mind seeing them around the neighborhood. Have a good week!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, this doesn't seem like the place for this. said...

Oh, to have those beautiful waterfront vistas so close that you can visit them whenever you like. When we lived in Panama, I could open my door and be at the ocean. Here in El Paso, there isn't any water but we have some pretty special mountain views. God does amazing work!!

How is Beth feeling? So glad she is still with you guys at home for now. Was happy to read she has her own Christmas tree. Proud of her to be such an independent shopper. Target is dangerous, huh? I need to pop in tomorrow...always an expensive venture.

Your precious photo of your baby girls and those little bottle brush trees are the perfect bit of Christmas spirit to start your decorating.