Monday, August 3, 2020

Not Another Manic Monday

Work has been very manageable lately. It's really been nice. Our custodians' job is two-fold. One is cleaning the building. And the other is event management. In July we had 600 hours of reserved events. Maybe the event was two hours long but they reserved the room for three hours. Back in February we had over 3000 reserved hours of events. Just for February. And that's been average for the last few years. So yeah, work has actually been fun lately! No stress, my boss is on vacation, woohoo!! 😁

After work today Beth and I went to Hobby Lobby. I was looking for a sign that says, As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. It's from Joshua 24:15 and has to do with what our pastor preached yesterday. Well they only had one and it wasn't really my style so I'm gonna have to check on-line.

We stopped to get some pictures I had printed. Do you still print out photographs? Chuck says that I have way too many photos. I think he's crazy. 😊 I'm actually getting our Christmas cards ready. I always start early so I'm not too rushed come December. These are just some of the pictures we took at our photo shoot back in June.

Gotta have a Covid picture to represent 2020!

After dinner tonight I went out and watered the yard, both front and back. We don't have a sprinkler system, well we do, it's me. It was after 8:30 when I finished and the sun was going down so I sat outside for a while. It was so peaceful, the sky was beautiful. I daydreamed about creating a beach area in our back yard with sand, fire ring, beach chairs, hanging lights, sigh... do you daydream?

Our blackberries are starting to ripen!

The Morning Glories are closing up for the night so I will too.

Have a wonderful week!


Rebecca Jo said...

Love the flowers!!!
If you dont have a family mask pic to represent 2020 - you need it - what a crazy time.
I do print pictures too... I always trade them out over the years in my main frames I have out. Saying that - we have some collage pics in our hallway that are so old, icant change them out - its so nice to look back & see pics of everyone so young - babies that are now grown up - dogs that aren't with us. I enjoy seeing those older pics too.

Jeanie said...

I love the photos of you and your family. It's a good reminder I should start organizing pix for ours as well.

And yes, I print photos. Not as many as I used to but I do print.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I still print picture but normally I send all photos to Shutterfly so they are always somewhere other than on my computer or phone. So I order from them or I do print some out at home on my printer. The family photos are perfect! I am impressed with your blackberries and the sky is beautiful.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Yes, I do daydream...I used to daydream about having a retreat/cabin for guests, a place for people to "get away", with an emphasis on pastors and caregivers, because we have been both and know how much it is needed. But that time has passed and I don't dream about it anymore. Life just didn't work out that way. I love the idea of your beach/firepit space. That I would love too. But it is so hot here most of the time we just wouldn't use it that much. Well, I would, but hubby doesn't like being outside as much as I do. I don't print pictures anymore. I try to save them to a flash drive so they are preserved, but I fear that the technology will change and the flashdrive may not work in the future for future generations. Most of my pictures are in "albums" on Facebook and in my blogs. But my family doesn't read them. So, I guess it will be up to them to figure it out someday. I have discovered that we really don't look at old picture albums anymore anyway. Oh's sad. And gee, no, we haven't taken a family pic with our masks on. I guess we should, but it isn't something we want to remember. We just want it to go away. Praying hard. Have a blessed day my friend. Enjoy your lighter work load at work. I can relate, and I am happy for you!!

Terri D said...

Some of my best ideas come from day-dreaming! It's good for you!! The photos are so great! You have a beautiful family! I do not print photos anymore. I DO have photo paper in case there is something I would like to frame but that doesn't happen often. I haven't done much shopping lately. Just last week, I actually went to two stores and was disappointed in their inventory. I should pop into Hobby Lobby. I'm sure they are well-stocked!! :) Have a good rest of the week!

R's Rue said...