Thursday, April 9, 2020

These Toes Were Made For Walking

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This week I'm thankful for:

The results of Chuck's PET scan. The cancer hasn't spread to other parts of his body!
 There was no pain or swelling after smashing my baby toe into the leg of the couch. It hurt at first but was good after icing it!
Chuck, Beth and I walked almost 2 miles on one of our walks this week. Chuck wouldn't have been able to do that last year.
Our weather has been stunning the last few days. Warm with cloudless blue skies.

The smell of the ocean. We live about a mile from Puget Sound and when the wind direction is right, aaahh, it's like heaven!

Fresh cut grass. It was so tall Chuck had to mow it twice this week, first on a tall setting, then short.

Fires in the fire ring on the back patio. 

I hope and pray you've had a week full of thankfulness!


Cathy said...

Wonderful post! Glad your toe is okay and that Chuck's cancer hasn't spread and that he is better this year and last. A two mile walk is a wonderful thing.

Rebecca Jo said...

I want a fire ring for our back porch but Ricky is always afraid that thedogs will jump in it :) LOL ... it is a possibility
The smell of the ocean - lucky you
Still PRAISING THE LORD about the cancer not spreading!!!

Billie Jo said...

So very happy that your husband's cancer has not spread!!!!!!!!
Hugs from snowy Pennsylvania!

ellen b. said...

Great things to be thankful for!

Jeanie said...

Much for which to be grateful! Especially the PET.

Happy Easter.