Monday, April 27, 2020

So What Would You Be Doing?

Like many of you I've been thinking about all the things we would normally be doing this time of year. It's hard not to just hop in the car and go somewhere, especially on days when the weather is nice.

Every April for many years our family has gone to Roozengaard. It's a large tulip field about an hour from our house so we make it an all day adventure. The tulips are absolutely gorgeous and there's always so many things to see. They have a huge windmill, a gift shop, gardens and rows and rows of tulips!

This is my mom and our girls around 1994. 
The little girl second from the right was a neighbor.

Sharaya was taking pictures of Diana and Allie at the same place every time... until Diana moved to Pennsylvania!

So what would you be doing?
Is there someplace you're missing this year?


Pamela M. Steiner said...

What a beautiful place!! That is absolutely gorgeous! I pray they are still taking care of the tulips and that they will be there for next year. It is a shame that they are only blooming at this time of year and then it is too late to go later. You have some wonderful pictures of happy memories there, so that is great. I can't think of anything that we would be doing right now that is different except just getting out more and going to church and visiting with family and friends more. I miss that most of all...and going out to eat! I definitely miss that, even though we didn't go that often...but just knowing that we could go anytime we wanted to and now we can't makes me want to! LOL. We will survive and I pray our restaurants and lovely places like your tulip gardens will also survive. Take care my friend.

16 blessings'mom said...

That is a beautiful place! If things were "normal", I would be inviting the whole family over for the upcoming birthdays, Jon turns 16, Sonja 18, and Charlotte Claire 14, all within 11 days. We would be taking them to dinner with friends (Chilis!), or to the mall, or just having friends and family here for a cook-out. I would be going out and about, stopping to visit the grand kids. I would be going to church, the kids would be out and about almost every night to youth meetings, gatherings. The sweet little four year old Anne, who I baby sit for, I haven't seen except from a distance, for several weeks now. Her mama is a teacher, and of course is home with her. I miss her hugs and snuggles, like crazy. I miss my grand kids too. And my older kids. This is rather hard. I am thankful that 6 of the kids are here, it's not boring by any means, but...

Jeanie said...

These photos are fabulous. What a gorgeous annual excursion. Maybe next year. I hope so.

I would be planning my September (now canceled) trip to England and counting the days till we could go north to open the cottage. We probably WILL eventually go north but it will be different. I'll just stick close to home, no road trips or trips to the markets. We'd probably be inviting friends for a cookout soon and going to my beloved Southern Exposure herb farm for workshops and dinner. Already one workshop was canceled; Another is on the fence -- I may not go. My third is in June and I'm hoping by then I'll feel safe. We'll see.

Rebecca Jo said...

This weekend would be Derby... which around here is HUGE - but yeah, no horse race this week

ellen b. said...

Since we don't live on "the coast" it wouldn't be Roozengaarde although we have so many beautiful memories there like you. We would be spending more time with our grands. Miss hugging them.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sweet memories. Enjoyed the pictures. May the Ranuculus fields in San Diego. We haven't been in a few years.