Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sunshine, Chalk and Tulips

There are SO many things to be thankful for this week!

I was able to stay at the hospital with Chuck
They didn't find any cancer in his lymph nodes!
His nausea meds are working
Beautiful sunshine this week
Tulips are blooming
Communities are coming together to support one another
Restaurants are still operating to feed hospital staff
Drive by birthdays. Such a fun idea!
Sidewalk chalk messages
Businesses recalibrating their machines to make PPE
Cherry blossoms
Palm trees
Sleeping in
Friends and Family

How are you doing? 
Staying healthy? Staying sane?
What are some good things in your life?

Go to Knit By God's Hand to read more good things!


Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

Such good news for Chuck, what a wonderful blessing! Life is good despite all the stress and sadness in the much to be thankful for!

Hugs and Love,

Rebecca Jo said...

So glad the nausea meds are working - that is just awful to feel that way.
I love seeing all the messages & art work in chalk - who knew a kids toy could bring so much inspiration & joy

Jeanie said...

Your grateful list is especially heartwarming this week.

ellen b. said...

I'll tell you that the sunshine really makes things easier to enjoy. We are staying healthy and sane and that is good! Happy weekend to you even though weekend is everyday nowadays!!

Saimi said...

So happy for your Chuck!! That is really great news. Its so great seeing the chalk messages and homemade posters and art in windows and the sunshine is a real game changer, it definitely makes my soul happy!
Have a great weekend!