Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday Snippets - One in Particular

Our Easter pictures

But our official Easter 2020 photo looks like this 😁

We put these together really fast. 
This will be an Easter we'll never forget!

 I caught Beth practicing her guitar earlier this week

 The cherry tree is blooming!

But the real snippet happened today

Chuck passed out this morning and I couldn't keep him conscious. He'd come to and then pass out again. When it happened the 3rd time I called 911. I couldn't see him when I got to the hospital and I was in the waiting room alone and Beth was at home alone so after a couple hours I decided it would be better if I came home. The nurse called and we talked about his cancer meds and dosages and she said he looks much better this evening then he did when he arrived! He's had a blood transfusion, a CT scan plus some other tests - white blood count is high... there's a few things they're still checking on so they're keeping him overnight. He's feeling better and we've been texting. I'm very relieved they're keeping him there. They have the medical expertise that I don't have! What a day!

Have you ever passed out?
Ever stayed overnight in the hospital?


Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow, I know that was scary. Glad he is okay, and that he is being taken care of. Praying for him, and for you all too. Have I ever passed out? Maybe...but it was a long time ago. Ever stayed overnight in the hospital? Yes, quite a few times...just was there in March for surgery and stayed three nights. I've had several surgeries, and always had to stay at least one night if not two or more, and I've had three babies, and had to stay overnight a few nights. That was when they didn't send you home immediately, thank goodness!
Praying for your hubby now.

ellen b. said...

Oh wow! So sorry to read this and the experience you are going through. Praying that all will be settled medically and well with good results for Chuck. Yes, I have been knocked out and in my past I have spent the night in the hospital...back when they kept you overnight for anything.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Cindy... OMG! What a day you had. I will definitely keep Chuck in my prayers this week. Stay strong and stay healthy! Love your family pics, btw.

Jeanie said...

That is absolutely terrifying. I am so sorry you have to be experiencing this -- life is tough enough right now. Of course he is in our prayers. You, too. Please take care.

Rebecca Jo said...

Yep - that's the Easter portrait to remember this year for sure!