Saturday, May 4, 2019

So Busy

I've been so busy the last couple of weeks, even more than usual. We're remodeling a couple of our bathrooms at work which puts more work on my department because our maintenance guy isn't available to unclog a toilet or hang a TV... the custodial department is definitely working overtime! The bathrooms will be nice when they're done though!

On Wednesday:
Three loads of laundry
Worked in the yard
Visited with a dear friend (He's 87 and a widower)
Went to Costco
Went to work for a couple of hours
Then Beth and I went to the grocery store

I was up early on Thursday to help serve at our National Day of Prayer event. There were about 200 people from different churches and denominations from all over our area. The breakfast started at 7am so most of us arrived at 6am to help get things ready. It really is a blessing to be a part of the Body of Christ.

Beth got a new jacket the other day. She's needed one for a while and we found one in a magazine that had elastic around the wrist. It's so hard to find inexpensive clothes that fit her because her waist is large but her shoulders are not and her arms are short... Well, the jacket came.

Looking at the label

Realizing it's addressed to her

The elastic isn't as gathered as we'd like and the sleeve hangs down over her hands, but I might be able to fix that. But it completely covers her tummy and she can't wait to wear it!

Thank you for all your encouragement and kind comments on Beth's new job. I took her to work yesterday afternoon (after working in the morning and coming home to meet the pest control guy!) and we spent about 2 hours doing the actual job. She signed her time card, we put her key on the lanyard she bought just for work, we put on some gloves, got the big rolling trash cart and got to work! She doesn't have her uniform yet but here are a couple of pictures of her in action.

She finished emptying all the trash (there are a total of 19 trash cans in the 8 classrooms and 4 bathrooms) in just over an hour (a lot faster than I expected!) so I'm already planning to give her more work. 

On Monday I fly out to San Diego to help take care of my dad. Actually on Tuesday we're moving him to a facility where he'll be able to get 24/7 care. My sister is absolutely worn out and it's tearing her up to have to do this. She called me a couple of weeks ago, sobbing, asking if I'd be mad if she put him in a home. He's becoming more angry and violent, like slamming his fist on the table and yelling at her when she's just trying to help him to the bathroom or make him dinner, and she's done. Physically, mentally, she can't go on. So I am going down on Monday and will be home on Friday.

I know it's not going to be a 'vacation' but it will be good to see my dad and sister again and help them through this transition.

Have you been through a transition lately? 
Was it good or difficult?


Saimi said...

Wow Cindy your cup is spilling over. Even though you have been busy its a good busy! Not just keeping up with the daily chores and yard work, you've been volunteering your time, helping your daughter and now your sister. You are seriously an angel.
It sounds like such a difficult time with the transition of your dad, but you guys are making the right decision. He'll be with people who are experienced in handling those types of behaviors and your sister won't be so exhausted. The only real major change in my life is retiring from working in a special education preschool room for the last 23 years. I loved my job and the kids I worked with but the program is changing and it was a good time for me to move on. I don't regret my decision and loving this new phase in my life. Maybe someday I'll sign up to be a sub but I'm not ready for that yet.
Take care and good luck with your dad!
PS Beth looks so happy to have a new coat, and what a great worker bee she is!!

ellen b. said...

That's nice that you have to give Beth more work already. She's a good worker! So sorry about your father and how things are going for your sister. It really must be so draining to give 24/7 care. Glad you can have the help of a care facility. Your sister has honored your dad with her care and I hope she will be at peace with this necessary change. Glad you can go down and help.
We have had a rough couple weeks here with our little newborn and things are finally improving. I'll share on my blog soon.

Jill said...

Love her smile when she got her package and the coat is lovely, such a pretty color too! :-) A job will be wonderful for her! Will she be working with the Preschool children? Before I became a stay at home mom I worked as a Preschool teacher and I was a director of several schools. So rewarding to see the children each day. :-) Your week sounds busy, I can so relate! Hang in there and try to take some time for you too!


Rebecca Jo said...

Still so excited about Beth & her job!!!!!
Love her new jacket. That color is so pretty.
I get that same smile when I get mail too!!!
It seems like life is full of BUSY sometimes... hope you get a good nice calm soon!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry to hear about your day. Praying everything works out well for him in the facility. My goodness you have been busy. I love Beth's new jacket and so glad that things are working out good for her at the job.