Saturday, April 27, 2019

Job Update

I sent Christine (Beth's job coach) a text a couple weeks ago asking for an update in the job search. She sent me a long reply so I started reading it out loud to Beth and Chuck. We were all sitting at the kitchen table:

"The Chocolate Co. isn't going to work due to payroll issues..."
"Starbucks is doing away with their lobby attendant position..."
"McDonalds wasn't a good experience. Manager was very rude..."
"Schools are getting out so students are applying..."

And on and on. 

I wasn't even thinking about how Beth was responding to all this and all of the sudden, she leaned toward me and threw her arms around me. She was crying.

Oh, I felt horrible! I stood up (with her still draped on me) and just held her while she cried. 

It just broke my heart.

The next day I went to my boss and asked if I could hire Beth. I do the hiring for my department but wasn't sure if there would be an issue with me hiring a family member to work directly with me.

No problem at all. Hire away!

(I can't remember if I've told you that I already checked with the state and with Beth's case worker and they both said I can find her a job without having to go through them.) Once my boss said yes, there was no stopping us.

I asked Beth if she wanted to work with me or if she wanted to wait for Christine to find her a job. "Work with you."

So I took Beth to work with me to show her what exactly she'd be doing. Our weekday preschool was on a field trip this week so she wasn't able to do the actual job but I walked her through the process. I gave her my keys and she was unlocking doors, checking each classroom thoroughly... I think she's gonna do great. I even introduced her to a few of the other custodians and they were excited to have her on board.

This is going to boost her self-esteem, help her lose weight and give her a sense of purpose. She kept checking her 'fitbit' and showing me how many steps she had taken.

Next week she'll come in and do the actual job so I'll keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

Praise God! That is wonderful news about Beth's new job:-)

Regina said...

That's great news Cindy. I used to work at a preschool many years ago with a young lady with Down Syndrome. She was very sweet and always willing to help the teachers where needed and she never mumbled or complained.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

This brought tears to my eyes. A beautiful ending to some sad news from her job coach. I wish her success each day!!!

Tricia said...

This makes me so happy. I'm sure that Beth will do a great job!

Michelle said...

Oh this sounds like a great option for Beth! I'm glad to hear your boss had no issues with hiring her and immediately said "yes!"

Rebecca Jo said...

So smart!!! When you cant get anyone to help you out, do it yourself :) I love the idea came to you & your employer is totally fine with having her on the payroll too!!! Its a win win for both of you, I'm sure!

Saimi said...

what wonderful news and how great for Beth!! You're such a good mom and she's going to be awesome, can't wait to hear how her first week went!!

ellen b. said...

Yippee. Glad everyone was on board for you to hire Beth. I'm sure she'll be a great worker.

Heather said...

How exciting! I can't wait to hear more about your new job, Beth!

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Oh this is so wonderful to hear! At first I was so sad as you were sharing about the issues with Beth finding a job! How thankful I am that she will be able to work with you! Such a blessing!