Sunday, April 14, 2019

"And Now Here She Is, All The Way From Seattle Washington... !"

She told me she would watch the concert tonight and that I could record her! I went downstairs at one point and she said it still had a ways to go before her song came on. Then a couple hours later she sent me a text, "it is getting closer to the music"

(When I first started recording she put her hand by her face so I wouldn't be able to see her, so I stayed where I was to help her feel more comfortable and just got the side view.)

It was 3 1/2 minutes long and when I tried to email it to my computer, it said the file was too big. I'm not very tech-savvy and it didn't tell me how long it could be so I just got the last minute or so. Her big finale! You can see her plant her feet to get ready to hold that long note:

Please pray for her tomorrow, Monday at 2:15. They have more auditions next week so they'll post the cast list on the 24th. 
We'll keep you posted!


Our church is having a time of prayer and fasting starting tomorrow, to prepare our hearts for Good Friday. A time to set aside all the distractions that can keep us from the Lord, that takes up so much of our time every day. It just helps us focus more on the Lord and the sacrifice He paid on the cross. So I will be off social media for a few days. 

I hope you all have a blessed week as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord!  


Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my goodness... setting a timer to remind myself to pray!!
Keep us updated!!!

ellen b. said...

I couldn't get the video to work on my computer but hoping all goes well for the tryout!