Sunday, November 4, 2018

We Voted, Did You?

Whenever there's an election, we always sit down with Beth and help her fill out her ballot.

Now, we don't tell her how to vote, we just help her understand the issues. This week her and I sat down at the kitchen table and she watched me as I opened my envelope, then she copied me exactly. We tore off the tab at the top and I got the Voting Pamphlet. 

I read the issues out loud, then explain it to her in a way she'll understand. Which honestly helps me too! Some of those propositions can be really complicated, "Vote No if you want it to pass, Vote Yes if you want it to fail." Wait, what?! So I read them carefully and try my best to help her understand exactly what's being said.

We were glad to see the new way they have us vote here in WA State, by filling in the circle instead of just making a line. Beth loves to color!

I read the paragraph, then fill in my ballot and she fills in hers, then we move on to the next one. It takes a long time but we want to make sure she really understands what she's voting for or against.

Then we sign our ballots and put them in the envelope! Chuck and I always sign hers as witnesses because one time they let us know hers wouldn't be accepted because her signature wasn't exactly the same as it was the time before. So now we just sign them too and it's always counted. Then we lick the envelopes (Eewww gross! Why can't they make those things taste a little better?) and we're good to go!

And in case you're wondering, she did vote differently than I did on a few issues. 😲 😊 


Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

I love that you are such a responsible parent... :0) Voting is such a privilege, and I don't think that anyone should take voting for granted. Beth will be, and is, a much better citizen for voting the way that she sees fit...kudos to you and your sweetheart for teaching Beth the importance of voting!!

Hugs and Love,

Rebecca Jo said...

I'll say it again - you're such a good mother.
Good for you letting her have a voice in the polls!

ellen b. said...

Yes, we've voted, too. I need to drop off the ballots at the election office in Colville tomorrow. It was interesting on how we had to read between the lines to make our choices on several of the issues. Now we wait and see what happens.

Heather said...

Great job Beth! It is so important to vote!