Saturday, November 17, 2018


Beth and I went to Burlington to get some snow boots the other day. Seattle doesn't get huge amounts of snow but it's one of those things that you just really need to have and they'll probably last for the rest of our lives!

We also went and got her hair cut again. She's really liking the shorter look. Every morning I put it up in a small pony tail and then curl the ends under. After I leave the bathroom, she spends a few minutes admiring herself in the mirror! She is pretty cute!

We went to a Christmas Bazaar this year. I always hear people talk about them and I wish I had gone... after they were over of course! But this year I put it on the calendar and we went! It was actually pretty fun, lots of stuff to buy and a friend of ours was cooking - and serving - bbq chicken and rice, it was so good! We ate first, then walked around all the booths.

Beth bought a small key chain with the letter B on it, we both bought some weighted lap pads that you put in the microwave and they keep you warm! I'm planning to take mine to my Sunday school class. We won't put them in the microwave there, but we'll be able to use them like weighted blankets. 

Then I was walking around the area that has all the homemade signs. You know the kind that are wood slats, or just decorative wood with sayings on them. I saw one that literally stopped me in my tracks and right there in the middle of the Christmas Bazaar, I started crying. It was the world map and it had been put on a large piece of wood and it had the words, "Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander" scrolled over the map.

Oh my word. 

It's from the song Oceans by Hillsong. All the traveling we've done over the years, the memories made, the adventures we've had... but the very most important thing in my life is knowing God. As much fun as I've had traveling, nothing compares with spending time with the Lord. 

Well come to find out, the booth belonged to C (a friend from church) and she actually made the print! The one she had hanging there had been sold so she's going to make me another one. I just can't stop thinking about it! Boy am I glad we went this year!

(Next week is Thanksgiving and is gearing up to be The. Busiest. Week. for me this year. You might not hear from me, so let me say now, I hope your Thanksgiving turns out to be the best one you've ever had!)


ellen b. said...

Sounds like a cool sign/print. Glad you can get one. I think I bought the same two pairs of boots at TJMaxx. :) Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Saimi said...

Oh how I love winter boots and Beth's look so warm and cozy. How fun that you guys went to a Christmas Bazaar, I need to get back to doing that. There are so many talented people, its amazing the crafts they come up with. I'm glad you were able to get the sign you love.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

Beth is so beautiful, she should admire herself...what a cutie! her new boots are so cute! You never know when you will need a pair of boots just to keep your feet warm, even if there's no snow.

I love craft fairs, so much to look at and I really admire all the talent! That saying is wonderful, I love, Hillsong! I'm so glad you ordered one for yourself. Time spent with the Lord is definitely time well spent.


Hugs and Love,

Rebecca Jo said...

I love the shorter hair on Beth too.
I never tire of that song from Hillsong!!!!
Hope you survive all the Thanksgiving prep & enjoy every minute with friends & family!