Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Shocked and Surprised!

Beth loves to buy fruit in a bowl. You can get watermelon or cantaloupe or sometimes you can get different kinds together. 

Beth bought some cantaloupe the other day and the other night she came upstairs and was kind of crying and between the mumbling and the tears I heard the words "not right" and "bad."

I took a look at it and figured out the problem. It actually hadn't gone bad...

She bought Butternut Squash! I guess they put some vegetables out for Thanksgiving, where they usually put the fruit. Sure looks like cantaloupe to me too!

I bought her some cantaloupe tonight and she was much happier!



Barb said...

Hi Cindy!

Oh boy, what a shock, especially if you were expecting something soft, sweet and melony! I'm glad you got her some cantaloupe, poor girl! But what a cute story to end my day with...gotta just love that sweet, Beth!

Hugs and Love,

Rebecca Jo said...

OOPS!!! HAHA! It really does look like cantaloupe!
I'm all about the pre-cut fruits & veggies! Makes life so much easier!

ellen b. said...

Oh dear, what a shock that would be to bite into squash thinking it was cantaloupe! Glad that was remedied.

bj said...

O....i love fruit and sometimes buy it in a bowl...I would be crying, too, if mine turned out to be...yuk....squash when I thought it would be sweet fruit

Saimi said...

Oh, poor girl, not a fun surprise at all! I love squash, but not if I thought it was fruit. So glad she has a wonderful mom who made it right for her!