Friday, August 25, 2017


Beth doesn't defend herself or speak up when she needs to. I read about some people with Down Syndrome who are self-advocates and speak in front of large audiences and Beth is definitely not one of them.

Just now I had gone into the bathroom (she also doesn't close the door all the way when she's in there) and when I saw she was there, I excused myself and went out. 

I took a letter out to the mailbox, stood on the sidewalk and talked with a neighbor for a few minutes went back into the house and headed back to the bathroom to turn off the curling iron.

Beth was at the sink and that's when she tells me, "You turn the light off when I was in there."

"I did?"

"Yep" and she headed down the hall.

I instantly felt guilty but then I thought, 'Wait a second!' 

"Beth you should have yelled at me, "Mom! You turned the light off!" Or even yelled, "Hey!" Or something to get my attention."

Why wouldn't she have spoken up? Why would she just sit in the dark? I mean... gosh! Why...??

Sometimes her choice to not talk leaves me speechless. 

(A few years ago I wanted to take some pictures of her and had to practically beg her to let me take them. She sure didn't need to talk to express how she felt on this day!)


Barb said...

Hi Cindy~

Beth is so cute...:-) I used to babysit a very sweet little boy who had, Down's Syndrom. He didn't speak at all...he said everything with his eyes. I can see that, Beth is very much the same way. She is so adorable, give her a hug for me.


Rebecca Jo said...

ahhh ... sometimes the face says it all... but yep, need to learn to use that voice too ;)
& dont feel bad, I've had my husband turn the light out on me before too ;) haha